1200 calorie diet

Jumping on-board a 1200 calorie diet is a way to promote weight loss by cutting your food intake.  A 1200 calorie is exactly as it sounds; it is a diet that consists of an overall 1200 calorie intake each day.  What this means for the general adult is making some changes to overall eating habits is critical for reducing your intake to such a level.  Listed ahead is a complete guide of eating a 1200 calorie diet along with some of the perks, drawbacks, and how it can affect fast weight loss attempts.

What is a 1200 Calorie Diet?

A 1200 calorie diet is something that is designed for women as a way to shed fat for overall weight loss.  Generally, a 1200 calorie diet is designed for women because this load is a small reduction in calories.  In addition, the 1200 calorie threshold is generally the lowest level that women should target when aiming for weight loss.

Since men often require many more calories, the standard woman is only cutting back about 300-500 calories when jumping to this meal plan so keep this in mind.

Why Should you Go On a 1200 Calorie Diet?

Perhaps one of the most important elements for going on a 1200 calorie diet is for weight loss.  Generally, adults cut back on calories as a way to lose a few pounds, but women should look to reducing caloric load to about 1200 calories for overall best results for fat loss.

In addition to weight loss, a 1200 calorie diet can help you to burn fat.  Considering your diet is only providing the bare essential nutrients for nourishment, it is likely that cutting back on calories in this manner can be a way to burn fat instead of sugars.  Consider this a good option for cutting back what you eat and as a way to induce fast and effective weight loss.

How Much Weight Can you Lose on a 1200 Calorie Meal Plan?

The amount of weight loss that occurs on a particular diet has many variables.  For starters if your body size is naturally larger than someone who is smaller, you will more than likely lose more weight.  Similarly, if you are considerably active, refrain from sitting long hours, or you have a fast metabolism then you will also lose a fair amount of weight.

However, a 1200 calorie diet and the amount of weight you lose can be estimated ahead of time.  A pound of fat typically equals 3500 calories, meaning if you create a caloric deficit of this much it should be expected that you lose a pound.

If your standard diet is 1500 calories (for a female that is) and you cut back 300 calories each day then you are going to lose two pounds per month.  Now this is just from the diet alone.  If you burn off at minimum 200 calories each day with exercise then your caloric deficit has grown to 500 calories each day, or a pound per week.

Is a 1200 Calorie Diet Safe?

One of the biggest questions that arise whenever considering a diet plan is how safe it is.  Generally speaking, a 1200 calorie diet is considered to be safe and effective for weight loss.  With that said, women should be able to jump on-board this diet plan as a way to promote weight loss and steady physical activity can help with boosting your success.  Be mindful that reducing your calories could cause fatigue so be aware of how you feel before and after exercise to be safe.

Another element that should be considered is the long term success of a weight loss program.  Considering it cuts your caloric consumption, a 1200 calorie diet may be effective for your long term success.  Your long term success depends greatly on the level at which you continue to monitor what you eat and how active you remain.

What are the Benefits of eating 1200 Calorie a Day?

Anytime you select a weight loss plan, you should consider the health benefits.  Listed ahead are some of the most common perks of a 1200 calorie diet.

Lower Diabetes Risk

One of the best perks to cutting your caloric load to about 1200 calories a day is that your body changes how it utilizes sugar in the blood.  With fewer calories consumed, your body has less sugar in consumed (generally) which means a better glucose control.  Consider this an option as a way to cut out your diabetes risk.

Improved Blood Pressure

Body size is generally associated with blood pressure levels.  As your body size increases, your blood pressure typically rises as well, meaning if you are overweight or obese you are at increased risk for hypertension.  Fortunately, since the 1200 calorie diet encourages and promotes weight loss, you are likely to cut your overall blood pressure as you lose weight.

Decreased Heart Disease Risk

In addition to cutting your weight and blood pressure, a 1200 calorie diet can help to decrease your overall heart disease risk.  There are a few ways in which your risk can decrease; the weight loss can help promote improved heart muscle efficiency, better blood pressure control as you lose weight, and reducing how much you eat means less fat.  Overall, a 1200 calorie diet can aid in your heart disease risk.

Decreased Cholesterol Levels

Cutting back on the amount of calories you eat each day means you are likely to cut back on the total amount of fat you each as well.  As part of a lower fat diet, your cholesterol levels could dramatically change, for the good.  Many protein sources come with cholesterol and cutting back on your sources of animal proteins can certainly help to decrease your bad cholesterol.  Consider the 1200 calorie diet as a way to boost your overall cholesterol control.

Weight Loss

Perhaps the most common perk of a 1200 calorie diet is weight loss.  Considering the 1200 calorie diet is designed to help you start losing weight with reducing the total food intake, your success should be determined on how long you can remain on it and the caloric deficit you create as well.

What are the Drawbacks to Eating a 1200 Calorie Diet?

While the benefits of a particular diet is something that helps in your decision making process, the drawbacks are another piece to the overall program.  Consider the overall drawbacks to eating a 1200 calorie diet ahead.

It is Hard to Maintain

One of the biggest issues with calorie reduction is maintaining a reduced load over a period of time.  With that said, maintaining a 1200 calorie intake for an extended period of time is something that is challenging for women on this diet plan.  For this reason, it is often a good idea to cycle through this diet plan for overall success.

Nutrient Deficiencies

Anytime you are on a reduced caloric intake, you risk having a nutrient deficiency in the long term.  Nutrient deficiencies can come from taking away certain food groups and as you progress through a particular program you could develop a deficiency.  Consider a wide range of foods as a way to fight deficiencies.

Measure Everything

One drawback to a 1200 calorie diet is that you need to measure everything that goes into your body.  This typically can be time consuming because it will involve measuring and weighing certain foods.  There are certain smart phone apps that can make the process a bit easier, but using these can still be time consuming.  Consider packing your lunch at work as a way to monitor what you eat and how much.

Best Ways to Measure your Caloric Intake

Considering that a 1200 calorie diet requires you to be quite precise in what you eat, it is important to count your calories with great efficiency.  For this reason, a calorie counter is something that you should utilize as a way to make you efforts easier.  Consider some of the most common calorie counting apps for your needs.


One of the most commonly used calorie counting apps is the MyFitnessPal app.  It is one of the easiest apps around to use and it contains a large database of foods for better tracking.  The app is free for download, but there are paid services that help to boost your overall weight loss experience.

Lose It!

If weight loss is something you are serious about then this app may be a good choice.  It is another easy dieting app that allows for you to track your calories.  It determines what your daily caloric need is, but since you are on a 1200 calorie diet it can help you with keeping track throughout the day.  The app is free to download, but a yearly subscription can help you to set goals to improve your success.


Another calorie counting app that can be used when on a 1200 calorie diet is the FatSecret app.  This app is handy in monitoring what you eat because it contains a large database that incorporates information about restaurants and foods in grocery stores.  You are able to determine what foods are created by other users, which can help you to verify the accuracy of the listing.  Consider using this app to follow along with what you eat throughout the day, especially if you eat out during your lunch hour at work.


This next calorie counting app can give you ample information when on your 1200 calorie diet.  For starters, the Cron-o-meter app provides analysis on your diet in addition to tracking your macro and micro nutrients.  Consider this app as a handy and easy way to follow along with your daily calories so that you can maintain a 1200 calorie diet.


This next calorie counter app is similar to many apps that you can use to track your 1200 calorie diet.  One amazing feature of this app is that it creates a calorie budget for your daily plan, which means  you can see what calories you can afford to consume or not.  Consider this app while you are on a 1200 calorie diet and take advantage of the features it contains.

Conclusion on the 1200 Calorie Diet

The 1200 calorie diet is a way to decrease the overall amount of calories you eat for weight loss.  Generally, this diet is more geared towards women because of the total number of calories involved, but anyone is free to jump on-board.  The premise of the 1200 calorie diet is that cutting out calories throughout your daily intake means you set your body up for weight loss success.  Considering a caloric deficit is critical in any weight loss program, you should be successful throughout your entire plan.

The information above is designed to be a guide for your overall weight loss efforts and the perks and drawbacks should give you plenty of insight on what to expect when going on a 1200 calorie diet.

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