Apple calories

The total amount of apple calories per serving is something that many adults desire when it comes to healthy snacking.  The saying of an apple a day can keep the doctor away definitely remains true in many aspects of eating this health fruit.  However, apples contain high amounts of nutrients to protect your health and wellness.  Listed below is everything you need to know about apples and how they can promote your overall health and well-being.

Nutrition Information of Calories

Apples are some of the most widely consumed fruits around and their popularity is starting to grow even more with obesity rates climbing higher than ever.  With that said, apples contain a great deal of nutrients that can help to keep you healthy.


Since apples are considered to be a fruit, they typically do not contain high amounts of fat per serving.  Generally, a medium apple is considered to be a serving size and usually an apple contains less than one gram of fat.  If you are avoiding fat in your diet then the apple is a great option.


Similar to the fat content listed above, apples contain very little protein.  One apple contains less than one gram of protein per serving, thus making this an unreliable source of this nutrient.


Apples are about 99 percent carbohydrates and this is the case with most all fruits.  A medium apple contains about 20-25 grams of carbs, depending on your overall serving size.  Given the small amount of carbs in apples, it is easy to see that apples are a good option for your body weight management.  Of the 20-25 grams of carbs in a medium apple, a large majority come from sugar.  Apples contain close to 20 grams of fructose per serving, which tends to be high if you are looking to avoid any and all forms of sugar in your diet.


Perhaps one of the most underrated aspects of eating an apple is in the fiber content.  A medium apple contains more than four grams of fiber, which can be a healthy way to add to your daily amounts.  Currently, adults should aim to eat at least 25 grams of fiber each day; a figure that most U.S. adults do not come close to meeting.

Vitamin C

The last nutrient listed here is vitamin C.  Apples are generally regarded as a good source of vitamin C, which is necessary for healthy sin formation.  A medium apple typically contains around 10 percent of your daily needs for vitamin C so consider this an option to maintain your healthy skin.

Total Calories in an Apple

Now that you have the information about what nutrients are in apples, you should be able to have an idea as to how many calories a medium apple contains.  For starters, medium apples contain roughly 20-25 grams of carbs, which is about 80-100 calories overall.  Consider this a low calorie food and one that is good for your health.

Calories in Apple: The Health Perks


Perhaps one of the best perks of eating any fruit is how it can help to hydrate you.  Apples especially contain high amounts of water per serving, since close to 90 percent of the fruit is made of water.  Proper hydration can play a major role in regulating your hunger hormones and it can even help to prevent you from overeating.  Consider an apple as a midday snack to gain this hydrating boost.

Regulate your Blood Sugar Levels

Wait a second aren’t apples mostly composed of sugar?  Yes this is true, but consuming sugar is not always harmful on your blood sugar levels.  It seems that the consumption of apples can help to lower your blood sugar levels, which means your body can improve its insulin efficiency as well.  If you are monitoring your blood sugar then consider this a great perk.

Decreased Risk of Stroke

It seems that consuming apples may play a role in your overall stroke risk.  Researchers have shown that consuming apples is associated with a decrease in overall thrombosis events, or a stroke.  Stroke is a leading cause of physical limitations in the U.S. and your diet plays a role in reducing overall risk.

Better Weight Control and Weight Loss

Perhaps one of the best perks to eating apples is what they can do for your overall body weight.  Apples are starting to be the alternative food option to potato chips, French fries, and other side dishes found in fast food restaurants.  For this reason, eating this healthy fruit can help to manage your body weight and it can aid in your weight loss efforts.

Reduced Cancer Risk

One of the best aspects of eating an apple is from the phytonutrients it contains.  Especially the red apple varieties, there are an abundance of anthocyanins in every serving.  These compounds are largely common for reducing cancer risk and they can help to protect your overall health as well.  Consider eating organic apples for best results for reducing your overall cancer risk.

Improved Skin

The final perk listed here affects your largest organ of your body.  Your skin is considered to be the largest organ of your body, which means caring for this is important.  One way to improve the health of your skin is to consume more vitamin C, which plays a role in building collagen that is needed for healthy skin.  Apples commonly contain at least ten percent of your require daily needs so consider this a good start.

Fun Ways to Incorporate Apple Calories into your Diet

There are a number of ways to add apples into your regular diet.  Perhaps one of the easiest ways to add apples on a regular basis is to consume them as a snack option.  Consuming an apple that contains no fat and only 100 calories is ideally a great way to snack without overeating.

In addition to consuming fresh apples for a midday snack, consider enjoying them as part of a side dish.  If you add fresh cut apples to virtually any breakfast dish or some additional dinner options, you increase your healthy eating profile for that meal.  In addition, apples are great in mixed salads as well, so consider this for a lunch time option.

Lastly, many dessert options commonly incorporate fresh apples as a way to improve flavor, sweeten the dessert, and to add bulk.  Consider making fresh apple pie, cobblers, and any dessert you can think of that an apple could be great with.  The best part of making apples a part of your regular diet is that they contain fewer calories than many other options, so eating these treats are likely to not set you back too much in your weight loss program.

Final Thoughts on Apple Calories

One of the best aspects of eating apples is the apple calories.  Considered to be a low calorie snacking option, apples are loaded with vitamin C, fiber, and they contain potassium for proper heart conduction.  A medium apple only contains about 80-100 calories, thus making this a perfect snacking option, dessert component, or a side to certain meals.  Consider eating at least an apple each day for optimal health perks.

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