Calories burned biking

Biking is a very popular way to get around town, compete in races, and to burn calories.  The number of calories burned biking can vary quite a bit depending on a few important variables, which will be described ahead.  With that said, it is important to have a good understanding of what benefits biking can offer your workout, not to mention how it can boost your weight loss efforts.

What Does it Take to Burn Calories?

Burning calories is generally simple; any movement you create causes calories to be used.  This means anytime you blink, chew, smile, frown, or lift heavy weights, you are burning calories.  However, the rate at which you burn energy differs with each activity and for this reason, it is important to know there are some factors that affect your calorie burn.

For starters, your body uses calories throughout the day without you even knowing it; this is referred to as your metabolism.  Your metabolism is the total accumulation of calories that your body needs throughout the day to perform some of its most basic duties.  If you have a fast metabolism, you will use more energy throughout the day than someone who has a slower metabolism.  The point here is that your metabolism is the first factor in caloric burn and it plays an important role in your weight loss program.

In addition to your metabolism, your body size, stature, muscle mass, body fat amount, time spent exercising, and exertion level will all play a major role in the total number of calories you burn in a workout.  Typically the more challenging an activity means you will exert yourself more which will lead to more calories burned.   Take this into consideration when you are considering biking as your next activity.

What is the Best Activity for Burning Calories?

Depending on your level of fitness and interest in a particular activity, there are a number of activities that are great for calorie burning.  Exercise classes at gyms generally offer an easy-to-follow format so that you can move and use calories, but it seems that some of the best activities involve cardiovascular exercise.  When it comes to burning calories, it is important to have an activity that challenges you, involves many moving joints, and is something you can do the next day.  With that said, biking, running, walking, hiking, and skating are all great activities that allow for you to burn energy and to help you to reach your weight loss goals.

How Many Calories does Biking Burn?

The total number of calories burned biking varies depending on the variables mentioned above.  If you are a large guy, tall, and you are performing at a high intensity then you will use many more calories than someone who is smaller and working at the same pace.  With that said, determining an accurate calories burned algorithm is challenging when it comes to biking.

If you are a standard 155 pound person and you are setting off for a moderate bike pace of no more than 14 miles per hour, you should expect to burn about 560 calories throughout that 60 minute ride, which is almost 10 calories per minute.  If you bump that up to a vigorous pace then you add about 150 more calories over the span of those 60 minutes.

Are the Calories Burned Biking Good for Weight Loss?

It seems that any activity that uses calories and gets your moving is good for weight loss, but many adults seek to have the most effective and efficient exercises as a way to boost chances.  With that said, biking is good for weight loss and here is why.

Using a calories burned biking calculator such as the one found here can help you to have a rough idea of how many calories you can expect to use in a single bike ride.  Now, the best way to start losing weight from biking is to dust off your bike in the garage and get outdoors.  However, not everyone has this luxury, which is why the gym is a great option.  Most gyms offer spin classes because they are geared towards motivating you to work hard for the entire 45-60 minutes.  Most gyms will advertise that you can use about 1000 calories per ride, but you need to work hard for the entire time in the class.

Ways to Start Biking

There are many ways to start biking and as stated above, it is easiest to just use what you have around the house.  If you have a mountain bike or a road bike, consider getting it out for a quick ride.  If you are unable to go for a full hour every time you ride then consider 20 minute rides here or there; just as long as you are getting out and doing it.

The gym is an excellent option for taking up biking and there are usually many options in the gym.  There are recumbent, upright, and spin bikes to give you a wide range of offerings; simply find the one that is best for you, but a spin bike is as close to a bicycle as you will get.

The Final Word on Calories Burned Cycling

The calories burned in biking can help you to lose weight, tone your body, and to help you to lose fat.  While the calories burned in a full hour are significant, 20 minute rides can certainly add up each day.  Consider increasing your intensity during your ride to make it a very effective workout for your weight loss program.