Calories Burned Walking

Considered to be one of the most important elements in a weight loss program, the calories burned walking may be the answer to losing the extra pounds.  Walking programs are starting to regain popularity for a variety of health reasons, but the most important appears to be with weight loss.  This type of exercise program is ideal for many aspects, which is discussed in further detail below.

What are the Best Ways to Burn Calories for Weight Loss?

There are a number of methods that you can use to burn calories for weight loss.  Some of the most popular ways to shed calories is to make use of machines at the local gym.  Cardiovascular machines are loaded with a wide range of tools to help challenge you throughout your exercise routine and many of these programs are designed for walking as well.

The treadmill, and to a lesser extent the elliptical, can help you to shed the calories for weight loss success and these machines can help you to increase the intensity in various ways.  These types of machines are designed for you to take steps and if your program is geared towards walking then you are in luck.  Jumping on the treadmill and walking for 30 to 60 minutes can be a great way to boost your overall energy burn, so keep this as a go-to for weight loss.

Another way to burn calories that does not involve the gym is outdoor walking.  If your climate allows, walking outdoors is a great way to enjoy nature and to burn calories at the same time.  Consider a daily walk for at least 30 minutes for best results and if you have family, friends, or a dog then consider bringing any of them along as well.

What Can Walking do for Weight Loss?

Walking is one of the best ways to lose weight and the best part of a walking program is that you can do it every single day without exhausting your body.  While some individuals prefer running and other higher intensity program, walking is something that most every individual can reasonably do each day.  The results of a walking program tend to be steady and gradual, which is a great way to lose weight.

Very commonly, individuals purchase fitness trackers as a way to monitor the total steps, heart rates, and calories burned throughout the day.  These trackers are ideal for anyone looking to start on a waling program and many fitness trackers offer motivational tips for your success.  Consider taking a look at commonly used fitness trackers here and how effective they are at counting calories throughout the day.

How Many Calories Burned Walking Should I Expect Each Day?

The biggest question in a walking program is how many calories you burn in a mile.  Burning calories is something that every individual does differently and it widely is related to your metabolic rate, body size, age, gender, as well as how fast you are walking.  For this reason, it is reasonable to assume that each mile you walk you should burn about 100 calories.

There are some aspects that you should be knowledgeable of with walking, especially the pace of your walk.  It is recommended that you walk at a brisk pace, which means at about three miles per hour for the standard person.  This pace does not affect how many calories you burn for that entire mile covered, but increasing your intensity could have long-lasting results after you are finished with your walk.  In other words, the most important aspect in a walking program is to cover distance rather than focusing on pace, but increasing the intensity of your walking pace could create more energy burn post-workout.

In a brief comparison, one mile of jogging generally creates about 100 calories burned as well, but the difference is that it took you much shorter of time to complete.  Consider the calories burned chart here for a graphic of how many calories you should expect to burn with each mile walked and compare this to what you would burn running.

How Many Calories Does Walking Burn?

If a walking program is something that you desire for weight loss then you need to consider counting the number of steps you make each day.  The best way to lose fat weight is to add as many steps as possible, spread out throughout the day.  When your activity is spread out over the course of an entire day then it means that you avoided sitting and you were active.

For this reason, consider aiming for 10,000 steps each day, which is slightly more than three miles of walking.  The 10,000 steps rule is great because this equals about 300-400 calories for the standard adult, but the net calories will result in close to 500 for most people.  If possible, consider walking for 30 minutes at a time, but if you are unable to make this work then splitting up your walking time and distance so that you accumulate this much walking is possible as well.  The point to all of this walking and getting steps is that you want to continue to move so that you can burn calories.

Helpful Ways to Increase Calories Burned Walking

Now that you have some information on how walking can benefit your weight loss efforts, you should find ways to walk more each day.  Adding steps can be an easy task each day whenever you incorporate small changes to your lifestyle.  Consider the helpful tips ahead as ways to help boost your calories burned walking.

Park your Car Far Away

It is common to want to park as close as possible to the store, work, or anywhere you go.  However, parking close to your destination may be cheating your weight loss program.  While it may not always be feasible to park far away (due to security issues or inclement climate), it can be a good way to add steps without you even knowing it.  If you can, consider parking further away than usual anytime you make a stop at the store, movies, and especially at work.

Utilize Work Areas

One of the best parts of working for a larger company is that your site is probably large as well.  Adding steps to your work day can be as easy as taking walks across your building for specific purposes.  Do you need to use the bathroom and there is one near your desk?  If this is you, consider using the bathroom as far away as possible to add steps to your daily program.  It may sound silly to do, but it will add up throughout the day and especially over the course of a week.

Walk the Perimeter of the Store

If you take a few trips to the local grocery store throughout the week, consider making your trips worthwhile.  Walking the perimeter of the store is a good way to add steps to your daily program.  In addition, consider strategically gathering your foods as inefficiently as possible to add steps to your day.  If your produce section is on one side of the store and your bakery is on the other, consider walking back and forth until your trip is complete.  This could easily add a few thousand steps to your day and you may not even notice.

Walk with TV

Finding ways to make walking programs fun can be a challenge.  Fortunately, most gym treadmills have TVs loaded with cable.  If you have a specific show you enjoy watching each day, you should consider watching it while walking at the gym.  If it is a 30 minute show, you may not notice that you were walking at all.  In addition, hour-long shows will give you great rewards so if you can watch TV while walking then do so.

Walk to Get your Mail.

Most neighborhoods have designated areas where you get your mail.  The commonality for adults is to drive to the spot where the mail rests and drive home.  However, consider walking to your mailbox each day to boost your steps each day.  This method requires a daily commute, but it is a good way to add extra calories burned walking.

Wrapping Up Calories Burned Walking

Going on a walking program can be a rewarding way to be successful in your weight loss.  Many adults jump directly towards high intensity exercise to lean the body, but this can have consequences.  For this reason, a great deal of the adult population could benefit from structured walking programs as a way to lose weight and shed fat.  Consider aiming for 10,000 steps each day as a way to jump-start your walking program and if you have access to the gym then consider making use of treadmills and TVs for best results.  The calories burned walking will add over the course of your daily activities and should boost your weight loss success.

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