Calories in grapes

One of the best snacks around is bite size and tasty, but when considering a snacking option then the amount of calories in grapes for your weight loss program should pique your interest.  Grapes are a delicacy in the Western diet and generally grapes are consumed in the form of wine rather than raw.  There are numerous health benefits of eating this amazing fruit and listed ahead are some of the most widely known perks of grapes, the grapes calories, as well as how you can incorporate them into your diet.

The Overall Grapes Nutrition

There is much to discuss on the health perks of grapes and generally speaking, they contain many compounds that can help to keep you healthy.  For starters, a 100 gram serving of grapes contains about the same amount of vitamin C in one glass of orange juice.  In addition, you can expect a small amount of calcium in each serving and about four percent of your daily needs of iron.  While grapes contain many valuable nutrients, perhaps the most important for your health are the polyphenols.


The best part of eating grapes is that this fruit contains a fair amount of polyphenols per serving.  Polyphenols are compounds that protect your body’s defense again many environmental elements.  In addition, some studies have shown that the polyphenols in grapes can help to reduce your blood pressure.  The best way to incorporate more polyphenols from grapes is to eat them.

Different Types of Grapes

There are a few different types of grapes that you can enjoy.  The most common are the black grapes, which are a very dark color (almost a black color).  In addition, there are red grapes and the standard white and it seems each type of grape contains differing types of nutrients as well.  Consider consuming a wide variety of these grapes to gain the most perks from this fruit.

Calories in Grapes

When considering the amount of calories in grapes, it is important to remember that they are a common fruit.  Fruits mostly consist of sugars and carbs, meaning you should not expect there to be any fat.  In addition, a serving of grapes do not have protein in them.

A 100 gram serving of grapes contains about 70 calories, which is just slightly more than one calorie per gram.  As noted above, this same 100 gram serving will not contain any fats or proteins, which is why the caloric load is on the low side.  Considering there are not many grape calories in each serving, finding ways to add grapes to your diet can pay off in many ways.

How Can you Eat More of them?

It is common for adults to aim for 100 calorie snack options as a way to moderate calories consumed in a snack.  Considering grapes have only 70 calories in a large 100-gram serving, it is important to find ways to add more to your diet.  Consider the options below.

Prepare them Ahead

The best way to add more grapes to your diet is to make sure they are readily accessible.  Consider washing them and plucking them from the vine ahead of time so that you can enjoy for your snack.

Bag them Instead of Chips

Packing your lunch is a great way to maintain your health.  With that said, skip on packing any chips and substitute them out for fresh grapes.

Party Trays

If you have a gathering of friends over, consider serving fresh grapes of varying color to your tray instead of chips and dip.

The Final Words on Grapes Calories

Grapes contain a great deal of nutrients and phytonutrients to aid in the protection of your health.  With that said, consider adding more to your diet as a way to regulate your health and wellness.  With only 70 grape calories per 100-gram serving, there should be no guilt after eating a hefty serving.