Easy ways to lose weight

Perhaps the single most common resolution that people make each year is to be healthier, which is why it is important to find easy ways to lose weight.  The weight loss industry generally booms in the first few months each year and then it tends to dwindle thereafter.  However, losing weight and keeping it off is important for the adult population.

It is estimated that about 80 percent of adults younger than 36 years of age report that “they could be healthier.”  For this reason, roughly 50 million American adults jump on-board a weight loss program or diet each year, in hopes of thinning out, losing a few extra pounds, or for significant health improvements.  Given that a large percentage of the population wants to be healthier, it seems that many people are left to wonder what the options include.

Personal Training

One of the easiest ways to lose weight is to hire a personal trainer.  A personal trainer is an abled individual knowledgeable on health and wellness and generally these are the people to see when you want to have motivation and direction.  Usually, trainers can effectively put you through some dedicated exercises so that you can burn calories.  In addition, some trainers may even provide dieting guidance, so consider this a nice perk.  The one major downside to hiring a personal trainer is that it is costly.  Most trainers cost about $30 per session and many charge roughly $100 for a 30-60 minute session.

While hiring a personal trainer is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, or to help you lose weight, there are many additional things you can try before going to the professionals.  Listed below are some tips on some easy ways to lose weight.

9 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Consume Fewer Carbs and Processed Sugars

Perhaps the first thing that many people first try when attempting weight loss is to cut out some of the bad.  Cutting out processed sugars, carbs, and other options is a quick fix to prevent overeating; however, even though it is a quick fix, it can be challenging.  Cutting down on your sugar consumption is not something your brain cares to do often and an abrupt change such as this could cause withdrawal  Consider slowly reducing your sugar and carb intake for best results.

Keep a Food Log

The only way to know if you are eating more than you should is to write down everything that goes into your body.  Writing down your food and beverage intake is a simple and effective way to monitor what you eat and it may help with your weight loss efforts.  Some people enjoy writing the foods down on a spreadsheet, but most adults have shifted to phone application tracking.  This method generally allows for barcode scanning, caloric tracking, as well as nutrient calculations, and they make for an easy process in calorie counting.  Consider finding a phone app to help with your food tracking.

Get More Sleep

You have been hearing since you were a kid, “go to bed on time,” and it is something that can help in many aspects in your health as an adult.  A recent study on sleep and body weight found that a lack of sleep is an independent risk factor for weight gain, suggesting that there is a correlation between the two.  Generally speaking, the body needs about seven to nine hours of quality sleep each night for optimal health.

Eat More Throughout the Day

This seems like the opposite of what you should do for weight loss, but perhaps the easiest way to lose weight is to eat more frequently throughout the day.  One of the most effective ways to lose weight and shred fat is to eat less with each meal, but to eat more meals throughout the day.  Generally, adults may aim for six smaller meals that are spread out through the day, which is a great way to regulate your blood sugar levels and to better control your hunger cravings as well.

Cut out the Salt

Did you know that a high salt diet can contribute to excess fluid in your cells, which could lead to weight gain?  For this reason, cutting out salt from your diet can help to bring your body’s nutrient balance back to where it should be and short-term you could lose some weight.  Consider a diet that aims for about 2,500 milligrams of salt each day for best results.

High Intensity Interval Training

Perhaps the easiest way to lose weight is to burn it off.  One study demonstrated that high intensity interval training is the predominant way to control your body weight and its efficiency can help the boy to shred the excess fat.  There are various ways to incorporate high intensity interval training to your workout, but consider a program that you are able to continuously do each day for best results.

Don’t Skip on your Breakfast

One of the most common ways to sabotage your weight loss efforts is to cut your breakfast as a way to save calories for later in the day.  While in theory it seems the extra calories you eat to compensate end up being stored as fat anyways, which only leads to weight gain.  Consider healthy breakfast options that have ample protein and light on simple carbs.

Avoid Alcohol

Perhaps the single-most easiest way to lose weight is to cut out the alcohol in your diet.  Alcohol is an unnecessary nutrient that is generally high in calories per gram.  In addition, alcohol promotes fat storage whenever you have a drink, so this is not good for weight loss in more ways than one.  Consider cutting out, or cutting back, on alcohol as best as possible to make your weight loss journey more effective.

Reduce How Much you Sit

An easy way to encourage weight loss is to cut back on the amount sitting you do throughout the day.  In the digital age, it is easy to be locked up behind a desk at work, only to contribute to your body’s weight gain.  Studies have shown associations with increased sit times with obesity so finding a way to move throughout the day is vital to weight loss.

Wrapping Up the Easiest Way to Lose Weight

Now that you have some options for easy ways to lose weight, now is the time to incorporate some into your life.  While weight loss is a consistent part of your life if you want success, it is important to give a range of options a try.  Consider the listed ways above to aid in your weight loss journey.