Exercise to lose weight

Many adults switch to exercise to lose weight as a way to promote overall calorie burn.  While your diet plays an important role in your overall success, it should be noted that exercise plays a vital role in your weight loss.  Exercise, and physical activity, help to increase your overall calorie burn throughout the day so that you can create a caloric deficit.  With that said, the content ahead is designed to be a complete guide for exercise to lose weight and how it can aid in your success.

What are the Best Exercise to Lose Weight?

Before jumping into exercise for weight loss, it is important to have an understanding of how to lose weight in the first place.  While cutting back on what you eat is an important way to lose weight, some adults eat only what is needed to maintain weight and allow for exercise to do the rest.  With that said, creating a caloric deficit can be accomplished with ample exercise and performing the correct exercise can boost your success.

What Role does your Diet Play in Exercise to lose Weight?

As stated above, your weight loss success is going to determine largely on your dieting habits.  If your diet is loaded with excessive calories that promote weight gain then your weight loss program will suffer.  Similarly, if your diet contains few calories, then your weight loss program should flourish.  The point here is that while your diet will be vital to your success, it is not the only factor.  Consider the role of exercise ahead for weight loss.

Best Exercise for Weight Loss: The Overall Role

Exercise can be argued as being the most important element in any weight loss plan.  With that said, it is important understand how various forms of exercise affects your weight loss plan.

High Intensity Interval Training

Burning calories is much more efficient whenever you perform high intensity interval training, or HIIT.  With that said, a HIIT workout that lasts for as little as 15 minutes could technically be as efficient in calorie burning as an hour long run.  Many HIIT workouts are designed to boost your heart rate to near maximal levels followed by a small rest period, and for the entire workout.  This style of exercise can burn serious calories in a short amount of time, but it can also promote fat burning at high rates.  Consider any kind of HIIT workout that you can do for best results.


This form of exercise is a variation of HIIT exercise and it is designed to have you work as hard as you can for 20 seconds with 10 seconds of rest for a total of four minutes.  Since this is a four minute workout, it should be expected that you work as hard as you can on your workout phase so that you can maximize your calorie and fat usage.  Tabata exercise is gaining popularity in many fitness centers and many group exercise classes use this technique as well.

Weight Training

Perhaps one of the most important elements in a weight loss program is nurturing your metabolism.  One of the best ways to boost your metabolism is with weight training.  Weight training is a good method for boosting muscle mass and it can help to give you weight loss, even though you will not burn a great amount of calories per session.  Consider a weight training program that incorporates your major muscle groups at least three times per week for best results.

Cardio Training

This form of exercise is very important for weight loss efforts.  Considered to be one of the traditional methods for weight loss, cardio training involving the treadmill, elliptical, jogging, biking, or spin are ways that many adults look to burn calories.  This form of training creates a large calorie burn per session and it helps to promote calorie burning throughout the day as well.  The best way to lose weight with cardio training is to aim for 30 minutes every day and if possible, consider an hour for best results.

What are the Best Weight Loss Exercise?

There are a number of exercises that you can do to increase your weight loss efforts.  For starters, the best exercises that you can do involve multiple joints, meaning the more body movements you have the better.  Consider the following exercises below as your guide to boosting your weight loss journey.


There are a few ways to perform lunges, but it seems this exercise can help you in your weight loss journey.  Lunges require a great deal of effort, especially if you alternate legs, and it involves movement from multiple joints in your lower body.  If you are new to this exercise, consider starting with three sets of ten lunges as a way to promote your weight loss success.


Another exercise that can promote weight loss is a push-up.  This exercise, which involves many joints in your body, requires a great deal of strength throughout the working and relaxing phase.  Consider starting with three sets of as many push-ups as you can do for best results in your weight loss program.


Perhaps one of the best exercises to lose weight is burpees.  This exercise is a combination of cardio exercise with functional training and it can help to burn calories in a hurry.  One reason that burpees promote a great calorie burn is due to the amount of joints involved throughout the exercise.  Consider performing three sets of as many burpees as you can handle as a way to increase your calories used.

Mountain Climbers

One of the most efficient exercises for weight loss is mountain climbers.  Mountain climbers are a brutal exercise that works your core, arms, legs, as well as heart.  Consider adding mountain climbers to any of your workouts to increase your calorie burn for improved success.


Considered to be a power lifting exercise, dead-lifting is a way to work your entire body while exerting quite a bit.  This exercise involves at least three separate joint areas in the body, which is why it is a good exercise for weight loss.  Consider seeking a personal trainer to educate you in proper form if you are new to the exercise, but consider three sets of as many as you can do for best results.

Jump Roping

Who knew learning how to jump rope at an early age would be considered a valuable exercise for your weight loss program as an adult?  Jump roping is a now popular method for weight loss programs since it greatly increases the amount of calories burned with each revolution.  Consider one minute sets of jump roping to allow your heart rate to increase and if this is too easy then consider skipping rope at a faster pace and add more time.

Kettlebell Swings

A great workout designed for burning calories and for adding strength to your legs and shoulders is a kettlebell swing.  The kettlebell swing is a combined squat and front dumbbell raise that works many joints in the body.  It requires proper form throughout, but with proper form you can ensure that your core gets a good workout.  Consider having a personal trainer show you proper form with this exercise and consider starting off with three sets for best results.


Technically this is a cardio exercise, but it can easily be added to any workout as a way to boost calorie burn for weight loss.  Rowing machines are largely popular in fitness centers and it seems that utilizing this machine can work many joints in the body.  Consider starting out with short bursts on the rowing machine lasting about five or ten minutes and add more tie from there.  Consider adding this exercise into any HIIT workout that you are performing as a way to add more calories used as well.

Stair Climber

Technically you do not need the gym for this exercise, but a stair climber is one of the most challenging exercises.  The stair climber works your legs and core while increasing your heart rate with each step.  With that said, five minutes on the stepper at a moderate pace of 77 steps per minute can burn close to 500 calories over the course of an hour.  Consider adding the stepper to any HIIT workout that you have and consider using the stairs at work whenever you get the chance.

Jumping Jacks

The final exercise to lose weight here is another that you probably learned as a kid.  These involve jumping with arm and leg swings, meaning you use many joints in your body.  Jumping jacks are largely considered a cardio activity, but they can be performed with any workout.  Consider adding jumping jacks to your HIIT workouts or as an added exercise between sets in your weight training program.

Exercise to Lose Weight: Important Tips

Now that you have some information about what exercises are best to supplement your weight loss program, it is important to put the exercises to use.  Consider some easy tips to allow for the best success in your weight loss.

One important tip for boosting weight loss is to drink adequate amounts of water throughout the day.  Proper hydration is good for your energy levels, but it seems that your hunger hormones are tied into your overall hydration.  Consider sipping on about eight full glasses each day as a way to ensure proper hydration.

Another important element in any weight loss program is proper sleep.  Similar to the effect hydration plays for weight loss, proper sleep allows for your body to regulate your hunger hormones.  Not only is it important to get at least seven hours of sleep, but it is important to get quality sleep.  Consider cutting out all light sources from your room if possible and consider avoiding any blue light sources at least 30 minutes prior to bed for best results.

In addition to getting proper sleep and drinking water, your weight loss program will depend greatly on the amount of stress you have in your life.  Stress plays a major role in how effective your weight loss program is; if you are highly stressed then weight loss will be more challenging.  Since stress is a common aspect in adult life, many people shift towards meditation or yoga as a way to free the mind of negative thoughts.  Cutting back on stress can also help to prevent any harmful illnesses as well.

The final tip here is one that is tied into your workout.  Exercise for weight loss can be improved anytime you boost your efficiency, and if you shift eating habits around your workouts then you could maximize your efforts.  Consider eating to fuel your activity rather than for a need and be mindful of the kind of foods you eat prior to any workout.

Wrapping up The Best Exercises to Lose Weight

Starting out on a weight loss plan can be a challenge and anytime you are new to weight loss it can lead to confusion.  Most weight loss programs are heavily dependent on your dieting habits; meaning your diet will be the primary means of how you lose weight.  However, some adults use exercise as a way to boost success.

Setting up ways to exercise to lose weight can be easy if you have the proper tools.  For starters, knowing what exercises that are most efficient for weight loss is important when making your own workout program, but it is wise to know as many as possible.  If you are new to exercise and it seems ambiguous to jump right in, you should consider a personal trainer to help in your efforts.  Personal trainers can show you proper form, technique, and ways to improve your weight loss efforts.  If you are dedicated and willing to go that extra mile then a trainer will be a great option and worth the money.

Consider the information above as a quick guide on how to exercise to lose weight.  Use the exercises provided in any of your workouts to boost your overall success and to get that little extra calorie burn as well.

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