Extreme weight loss

Losing weight is a challenging task and having the goal for extreme weight loss is something that some adults need and desire.  There are a number of popular TV shows that are directed towards extreme weight loss.  Many of the participants on these shows go through extreme changes to diet and lifestyle as a way to transform overall health and wellness.  While there are some perks to dropping the pounds in a fast manner, there are some potential health consequences and side effects.  Consider the information ahead to inform you about what perks losing a lot of weight can do for your health and how fast and extreme weight loss can potentially damage your health forever.

What is Extreme Weight Loss?

Extreme weight loss is the concept that you lose a great deal of your body weight.  Generally, it requires that you have a fair amount of weight to lose and your body can withstand the loss.  With that said, most adults who undergo extreme weight loss are typically considered obese (or close to) and need to lose weight for some aspect of health.

Very commonly, extreme weight loss plans are seen on TV and other reality type of shows as a way to show what a weight loss transformation can do for the individual.  These types of weight loss plans are not easy to follow and generally take a great amount of effort and motivation to successfully complete.

Why is Extreme Weight Loss Desirable?

Extreme weight loss programs are some of the most sought after weight loss programs for various reasons.  With each new year that starts and with resolutions to lose weight, adults desire a fast way to shed the pounds, improve fitness, feel good, and improve health.  However, many find that the success rates of these programs are quite low.  So what keeps drawing adults towards these programs?

The main reason that extreme weight loss plans are so popular is that a large amount of weight loss is supposed to be good for your health.  Yes, losing a lot of weight can have its perks, provided that it is done in a safe manner and the weight lost is gradual and is a result of a lifestyle change.  Other reasons that these weight loss plans are popular are that they help the individual gain confidence in life.  Realistically losing a large amount of weight feels great and people will notice, give complements, and this is likely to resonate throughout other areas in life.  While there are some perks to losing a large amount of weight, consider some of the effects of extreme weight loss below.

The Effects of Extreme Weight Loss on Health

Improved Lipids

Let’s face it, if you are on a weight loss program that promotes large amounts of weight loss then there is a good chance you will be losing fat.  Extreme weight loss can help to improve your overall lipid profile, meaning your triglycerides, bad cholesterol, and overall cholesterol are likely to be affected.  These types of programs should be designed at helping you to lose the fat rather than other aspects of your body composition so keep this in mind.


While you are likely to experience some great health benefits of an extreme weight loss program, it should be noted that you can run into a few side effects.  One of the reported side effects of extreme weight loss is gallstones.  Gallstones are hard compounds that are formed by the gallbladder that cause blockages of a bile duct in your body.  What this means is that if a gallstone forms and creates a blockage in any of your bile ducts, you could experience abdominal pain.  It is reported that up to one in every four adults on an extreme weight loss program experience this type of side effect.


Another effect on the body that can occur in extreme weight loss is dehydration.  Perhaps the most common side effect in a major weight loss program, dehydration is often the result of drinking too little water as well as a result of decreasing your food intake.  When combined, your body could develop dehydration.

Under Nourished

One not-so common side effect to extreme weight loss is malnourishment.  Since many of these diets require such a large decrease in your total food intake, the chances of you developing some nutrient issue is probable.  This is a major reason why many adults need a dietitian as a way to monitor diet plans so that you eat a well-balanced diet that helps you to get the nutrition you need.

Muscle Loss

Most every weight loss program is going to involve losing some body mass that is not fat.  The biggest reason for this is that your body uses many different sources of energy throughout the day.  When you burn off a great deal of calories and cut back your intake, it is very likely that you will notice muscle loss.  While a small amount of muscle loss is common, too much can be damaging to your body.  Gaining muscle back becomes much harder as you age and the ability to build muscle in your later years is a great struggle.


Recurring issues with headaches is another side effect of extreme weight loss.  While headaches can occur for many reasons, this is a reported issue that adults report when on extreme weight loss plans.  If your headaches persist for a long time, consider talking with your doctor for more information.


It seems odd to say that a weight loss program can cause you to feel fatigued, but yes it can.  Part of the reason is that your body is going through a dramatic change and the other involves you consuming much less to what you are used to.  For this reason, it is reasonable that you could feel fatigued at some point (or all of it) throughout your extreme weight loss plan.

Ways to Achieve Extreme Weight Loss

Now that you have some information on what an extreme weight loss program can do to and on your health, you should consider how you will be able to achieve success.  Extreme weight loss is a challenging goal and many adults do not succeed in the long term.  For this reason, there are some things that you can do to boost your chances for overall success.

One of the primary means of achieving extreme weight loss success is to reduce what you eat.  After all, obesity was caused by a lifestyle that includes too many calories blended with too little physical activity.  As a result, your extreme weight loss program will include a reduction in calories each day, for as long as it takes.  The extent to which you reduce your caloric load depends on the plan you will follow, but moderately decreasing your calories seems to be the best fit for success.

Other ways to achieve extreme weight loss (and in little time) is to visit a weight loss center.  Weight loss centers are designed to boost your weight loss success by offering professional guidance with diet advice, exercise training, as well as supplementation.  Many of these weight loss clinics are expensive, but they can help you if extreme weight loss is something you want.  Be mindful that these clinics utilize medications and supplements that are not always tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration, and many weight loss medications can cause heart valve problems.

Is Extreme Weight Loss for Me?

One of the biggest debates in extreme weight loss is who should go for it.  For starters, one in every three adults in the U.S. are obese, so it seems that a large portion of adults should consider this an option.  However, it seems that extreme weight loss is a drastic technique that should be utilized for those who need to lose weight the most.  In addition to a great deal of the adult population already obese, one in every thirteen are considered to have extreme obesity, thus suggesting these individuals should be good candidates.

While extreme weight loss has the potential to lose large amounts of weight to aid in health and wellness, there are some risks involved and these programs are not always ideal for every situation.  This is a reason why doctors should be involved in any extreme weight loss plan and if possible, a dietitian should be consulted.  Extreme weight loss plans, as described above, have the potential for side effects and if medical weight loss is something you desire then consider taking a close look at the medications and supplements you take on these plans.

Extreme weight loss is a flashy topic that has been in the media for decades now and while it seems it is a reasonable option for anyone, the individual needs to have goals that are geared towards this type of weight loss.  For starters, losing a significant amount of body weight should be the first priority in your plan and it should be stated that these programs take a great deal of effort.  Having a support system is paramount for anyone who desires significant weight loss so consider building the best support group that you can.

Final Thoughts

Extreme weight loss is something that has been around and publicized for the past couple decades and while they have the potential for a great yield, many of these programs lead to failure.  These types of programs are challenging to your daily life and can generate undesirable side effects.  However, when extreme weight loss plans are successful, the results are fruitful.  Consider consulting with a physician if extreme weight loss is something you desire.

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