Fast metabolism diet

The fast metabolism diet is a somewhat new diet trend that is hitting the weight loss industry.  It is a diet plan that promotes losing weight while eating food at certain intervals throughout the day.  While it is a relatively newer diet plan, it is another option that is out there to meet your weight loss needs.  Consider the information below as your guide on the fast metabolism diet.

What is the Fast Metabolism Diet?

The fast metabolism diet was first created by food coach Hailey Pomroy.  The main idea of the fast metabolism diet is that you can lose the weight you desire, all by eating food at spaced intervals.  These intervals are generally every one or two hours apart, which is geared towards keeping your blood sugar at steady levels.

What are the Phases?

As with other diet plans out there, the fast metabolism diet contains three phases in which you will progress through.  Each phase is designed to boost your metabolism so that you can lose weight, hence the name of the diet.  Let’s take a look at each phase below.

Phase 1

This first phase starts out as the carbs and fruits phase.  This phase is designed to help your body to destress and to enjoy high-carb foods, including fruits.  The fast metabolism diet promotes that you eat this way starting on Monday and ending on Tuesday, so two days for phase 1.

Phase 2

This next phase is the protein and veggies phase and it is designed to aid your body in fat usage following your destressing phase 1.  During phase 2, you will consume foods that are designed to increase your metabolism so that you can burn more calories and use more fat.  You should expect to consume foods that are high in protein and low in carbs, in addition to high amounts of vegetables.  This phase is stated to occur on Wednesday and Thursday, so another two day phase.

Phase 3

This final phase of the fast metabolism diet is the part where your body really revs up the metabolic burn.  Phase 3 is typically a three day phase that lasts throughout the weekend.  It is the healthy fats, oils, and everything else from phases 1 and 2 above.  The reason that everything is included in addition to the other phases is because this is when you want your metabolism to really work for you.  Also, being three days in length means that you get more from your metabolism.  You should expect to eat foods that have healthy fats as a well as beverages that promote a metabolic increase.

What Foods Should you Avoid on the Fast Metabolism Diet?

As with most diet plans, there are some foods that you should avoid.  Since this diet is aimed at getting as much as possible from your metabolism, it is important to know what foods cause your metabolism to slow down.  Consider the foods below as some you should avoid.


This seems to be one food that you should avoid in all three phases since it can affect your metabolism.

Mango, bananas, and jackfruit

Honestly, avoiding some fruit is ok and fortunately, the list is small.  The only downside is the banana, which tends to have high amounts of fiber and nutrients.

Vegetable oils, mayonnaise, butter, and canola oil

It should be said that these foods should be avoided in the first place since they are notorious for having trans-fats and are damaging to your health.

Sodas, juices, and alcohol

Cutting sugar and temptations from your diet is weight loss 101 and it seems that the fast metabolism diet nails it here as well.

How Can you Increase your Metabolism?

There are a few ways to alter your metabolic profile and the two most common ways is to use diet and exercise for this.  Regular physical activity as well as exercise can help to boost your metabolism by adding muscle mass to your body.  The more tone you have to your muscles means your body will need to work harder to maintain that tone.  In addition, selecting foods that help to boost your metabolism is a great way to make the process easier.  Consider adding lean meats, nuts, healthy oils that are loaded with omega-3 fats, as well as avoiding comfort foods.

How Effective is the Diet in the Long Term?

The fast metabolism diet is a three week diet that can allow for weight loss of up to about 20 pounds.  Some sources suggest that fast weight loss in a small amount of time can lead to people jumping back to old dieting habits, which causes weight gain in a hurry.  Since the fast metabolism diet is only for three weeks, in theory you would have one week in which you go back to a similar diet you previously had and then head back to the diet after that.  The long-term effectiveness of the fast metabolism diet is still up in the air and more research is needed to see its overall effectiveness.

Wrapping up the Fast Metabolism Diet

In light of growing obesity issues among adults in the U.S., diets are growing at high rates.  The fast metabolism diet is a three week diet plan that is geared towards boosting your metabolism so that you can lose weight.  While it can allow for weight loss, there is still more research needed to see how effective it can work in the long-term.