Fat burning foods

Weight loss is much easier when fat burning foods are incorporated at the right time.  Burning fat is important for successful weight loss and making the correct choices in the foods you select could make the difference.  Listed ahead are some aspects on fat loss that you should pay close attention to, as adding fat burning foods could make a big difference in your weight loss efforts.

How to Burn Fat for Weight Loss

Burning fat for weight loss is one of the key components to a heathy lifestyle.  However, burning fat and keeping it off is one of the most challenging aspects to any weight loss program.  Fat is a calorically dense compound that can be stored endlessly in your body, which is how obesity is created.

If fat loss is something you desire, it is important to know how to burn it to lose it.  The traditional method for fat loss is to restrict total calories consumed and to perform low intensity exercise at the gym for hours at a time.  While this method is still a valid option, many adults simply do not have the time and effort to do this every day.

For this reason, workouts designed to burn fat have evolved over the past decade or two and many have shown great promise in the weight loss world.

Fat Burning Workouts

Before jumping into how you can burn fat with certain foods, consider how to boost your success with exercise.  Listed ahead are some workouts that you should incorporate as a way to make your exercise more effective and efficient.

Weight Training – A Fat Burner

Very commonly, lifting weights is thought of as being a workout that causes you to bulk and gain weight.  However, this is far from the truth.  Consistent resistance training is necessary to boost your muscular growth and wellness, in addition to leaning the body.  A tough workout lifting weights, and your calorie burn could be extended for a long time after you finish your training.  Weight training can create a greater fat burn while your body is at rest for about 39 hours, thus making this a long-lasting fat burning workout.  Consider weight training at least three times per week for best results.


A walking program is something that has been around in the weight loss industry for decades.  It is a low intensity workout that you can do every day.  In addition, a brisk walk that brings your heart rate up each day may only add to a few hundred steps to your fitness tracker, but it does much more for your body fat.  Walking prevents you from sitting for long periods of time, which means you burn fat and also avoid storing it; it is a win-win situation.

High Intensity Interval Training

A workout method that has revolutionized the way in which adults work out is with interval training.  High intensity interval training, commonly referred to as HIIT, is one of the best ways to use fat and lean the body in a short amount of time.  During these workouts, your body is pushed to near maximal effort for a short period of time followed by a short rest break.  This high intensity exercise can lead to quite a bit of effort and it is sufficient to shred fat in a short amount of time.  Consider HIIT workouts at your gym or with a trainer to improve your fat burning efficiency.

Fat Burning Foods for Weight Loss

Consider the fat burning foods below as a guide to help you make healthy selections and to boost your success in your weight loss program.


Considered to be one of the leanest protein options around, chicken can help to boost your fat burning process.  Since this meat is loaded with protein, your body uses quite a bit of energy to simply break down the protein to amino acids, which you do not get from a protein smoothie.  Consider eating chicken throughout the week as a way to increase the amount of fat burning foods you eat.


One of the long-lost breakfast options around is oatmeal.  This popular food is touted as being one of the healthiest early day food options and there are good reasons for this.  For starters, oatmeal generally has no fat per serving.  In addition, oats are considered a slow-absorbing carbohydrate, which means your body spends a great deal of time and effort breaking the carbs down to useful sugar in the body.  The results of this are that you get a greater fat burn throughout your day.


Considered a long-lost food that most American adults do not eat, lentils are one of the healthiest food options around.  A one cup serving contains about 16 grams of whole fiber, which can not only help you to feel full from your meal, but it could also boost your fat burning efficiency.  Consider eating a cup of lentils midday at lunch as a way to curb your appetite and to boost your energy burning process as well.

Green Tea

Technically it is not a food, but green tea is good for many reasons.  Mostly known for the antioxidants and boost for health, green tea can help to boost your metabolism by a small amount.  Even though your metabolic boost is only a small figure, it can lead to an increase in your fat burning processes.  Consider drinking a cup of organic green tea each day to add to your weight loss plan.

Cayenne Pepper

If you have the tongue for this hot pepper then you should read up.  Cayenne pepper is known for its spicy kick that goes in a variety of dishes, but it is starting to be known for its ability to cut out fat.  Adding a little cayenne pepper to your recipes could help to burn more fat, since it is a spice that can help to boost your metabolism.  Be mindful that adding more cayenne pepper will not necessarily create more of a burn with large amounts, but a little of this spice goes a long way.

Leafy Vegetables

The last food listed here involves the health food that most adults turn to when jumping on a diet.  Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, kale, Swiss chard, broccoli, and lettuce can all help to increase your daily fat usage.  Consider eating a healthy salad at lunch that contains a mix of green leafy vegetables and consider skipping on the dressing for best results.

Foods to Avoid

There are a number of foods that you should avoid whenever you are looking to cut out the fat from your body.  If you want to be successful in your weight loss program, consider cutting peanut butter from your diet.  Numerous sources state that peanut butter is healthy, but actually this spread is loaded with fat, saturated fat, and it can even add to inflammation in your body.

In addition to skipping on peanut butter, consider avoiding full-fat dairy product, foods with added sugars, creamers in your coffee, as well as unnecessary dressings on pastas and salads.

Sometimes being mindful in the foods you select can be the best way to burn fat and even though a salad is considered healthy, the dressing may be awful for your weight loss plan.

Wrapping Up Fat Burning Foods

Finding fat burning foods can be a good way to boost your weight loss success.  Consider the foods listed above as healthy options to get you started on your weight loss program and consider making healthy choices that are similar to the foods above.

In addition, try to avoid foods that can secretly add fat to your body and prevent your weight loss efforts, even though they may seem healthy.  Lastly, consider supplementing your weight loss efforts with planned exercise workouts that are designed to shred fat in an effective way.  The workouts above are a great place to start, but if you need more guidance then consider the help of a trainer.

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