How to lose belly fatOne of the most frustrating aspects to any diet and exercise program is fat, particularly belly fat.  If you want the secrets on how to lose belly fat then it is important to pay attention to your diet and exercise.  Many adults each year find that a diet and exercise program that is geared towards weight loss simply does not bring the results they desired when it comes to the mid-section.  The most common aim for adults on a weight loss program, by a long shot, is how to lose belly fat.  With that in mind, the information ahead is designed to be a guide on how to lose belly fat, why we need some for health, and how we can rid the excess for good.

What is Belly Fat?

Belly fat is something that every human has and it is needed for basic health.  However, the amount of belly fat varies depending on a number of factors, which are listed ahead.  Belly fat, which is also known as abdominal adiposity, is something that every human needs and it serves a couple of basic health functions.

One of the first functions of belly fat is for protection of organs, tissue, and other surrounding structures.  It may seem odd to say, but belly fat can help to protect your vital organs so that you can survive if there is some sort of a trauma or long-term starvation.

The second function of belly fat is to store adipose tissue.  While the body can store fat anywhere in the body, most of it accumulates in the abdominal area.  Anytime you consume foods or beverages that have calories, your body will use those calories for energy needed throughout the day.  If there is any excess of calories from what you eat, your body will convert it to triglycerides and store it for future use.  This is one of the most common ways to add fat to the body, it is also something that lifestyle can help to fix.

What are Some Factors with Belly Fat?

There are a number of factors that are associated with body fat.  Listed ahead are some of these most common elements that could be affecting your belly fat accumulation


One thing that we all have in common is that we are getting older each day.  In addition to getting older, the body’s ability to use energy, burn fat, and be active changes with age.  An older age generally means that your body does not burn energy in the same way that it once did in your early 20s.  If your belly fat is starting to accumulate, you should take your age into consideration


Another element on how to lose belly fat is your height.  Closely related to your age, most adults tend to shrink with each passing decade, meaning you are more than likely much shorter than you once were.  Generally, this has no real impact on long-term health, but it could have an effect on your body fat.  Even if the total amount of belly fat on your body remained consistent throughout your aging, as your height becomes reduced, your fat may seem more obvious due to compression

Physical Activity

One very common element in growing belly fat among adults is physical activity, especially occupational physical activity.  Decades prior, many jobs required some form of manual labor as a normal aspect of everyday tasks.  Nowadays, most jobs have machines and computers that provide the majority of the labor for workers, which may be a reason why belly fat amounts are growing.  Most adults are now sedentary throughout the work day, only to be stuck in front of a computer screen to meet the demands of every day work.  For this reason, your belly fat amounts could be increasing as a result of decreasing activity levels.


One of the biggest reasons for belly fat is your diet.  Everywhere you go it seems there are a fast food restaurant, enticing cuisine, as well as desserts.  However, one of the most common reasons for belly fat isn’t necessarily what you eat; it involves more of how much you eat.  Studies have shown that overeating patterns due to stress eating can be caused by addiction to a particular food, thus leading to too many calories.

Your Brain

Your brain is the central command center of your entire body and it may be one of the main reasons why you have belly fat accumulating.  Whenever you eat something, your body releases certain hormones in the body that signify happiness, which in turn gives you satisfaction from eating.  However, sometimes, this happy hormone (dopamine) can be elevated in response to a particular food you enjoy, which can cause addiction to the food.  For many adults, this addiction to food stems around sugary foods, but for some adults, it could be salty and fatty foods that are causing the issue.

How to Lose Belly Fat

Now that you have the information needed about what could be causing increased belly fat, you should consider a plan to help lose any of the excess.  For this reason, you should have an understanding on how to lose fat and how the body uses this energy throughout the day.

The body uses fat for slower movements and as a primary source whenever you are doing regular activities throughout the day.  This means that if you are doing the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, working on your computer, or walking the dog, you are using mostly fat as an energy source.  This energy source is used because you should have endless amounts and it is most efficient for the body.  With that said, what are some ways that adults can lose belly fat for a flat stomach?  Listed below are some easy tips to help you to boost your success for a flat stomach.

10 Tips for How to Get a Flat Stomach

Walking After Eating

One of the best activities that we can do for our bodies is to walk.  Walking allows for small, but consistent energy burning and it is something adults can do throughout life.  In addition, walking may help to get you that flat stomach you have always desired.  Research has shown that walking about 15 or 20 minutes after a meal can help to lower overall glycemic load on the body, which may help to reduce the amount of fat storage in your body.  Consider walking 15 minutes after any meal for about 15 minutes as a way to boost your belly fat burn for a flat stomach.

Increase your Exercise Intensity

It can be frustrating for adults to hit the gym each day, only to see that fat still exists on the stomach area.  Part of this issue may be with your exercise routine.  It seems that higher intensity exercising for 30 minutes each day may be more beneficial in losing abdominal fat when compared to lower intensity routines.  Consider an exercise routine that is higher in intensity for best results and consider discussing this option with your doctor to see if it is right for you.

Eat More Salads

It seems that the most common food for adults on a weight loss program is a salad.  Salads can be a healthy option that is low in calories with no fat.  It depends on what you add to your salad, but generally they can help you to shred your belly fat in a short amount of time.  Lunch is one of the most challenging meals of the day, so consider making this your salad meal for best results.  Also, avoid adding highly salty and calorically dense dressings to your salad as a way to keep it low in calories and fat.

Eat More Fiber

Another important element for a flat stomach is to eat more fiber with each meal.  Fiber helps to add bulk to your meal and it is important for keeping you full, long after your meal.  It seems that increasing your fiber intake by 10 grams can lead to a belly fat reduction by close to four percent.  While four percent may not seem very much, if your typical diet consists of 10 more grams each day, this could lead to a large decrease overall.

Watch What Your Drink

Drinking alcohol has become a normal element in social life and maintaining a healthy social life is something that every adults needs for wellness.  However, alcohol consumption has been linked with abdominal fat and it seems that it could be the culprit to your belly fat.  If you want the tools on how to lose belly fat is then consider watching how much alcohol you drink.  Generally, one serving of alcohol each day is good for overall health, but abstaining from this beverage could help you to lose belly fat at a faster pace.

Change your Diet

If you want to know how to lose belly fat then you need to have some change in your diet.  Changing your diet to include more amounts of lean protein options may help you to reduce overeating, improve your lean muscle mass, and to help boost your metabolism.  Studies have shown that increasing the amount of lean protein to be inversely related to belly fat, meaning the more protein you consume with each meal means less abdominal fat.  Consider adding more lean protein options at your meals as a way to reduce what you are eating.

Cut out the Sugar

Let’s face it sugar played a major role in your storage of fat around your stomach.  Since sugar played a major role, it should be cut out of your diet.  The standard adult diet contains too much added sugars and it could be contributing to food addictions and sweet cravings.  For this reason, cutting it completely from your diet may be a good idea to reduce belly fat

Eat a Low Carb Diet

Similar to the sugar listed above, a low carb diet may help you to lose unwanted belly fat in a small amount of time.  Carbs are known for binding to water molecules, which can cause excessive bloating in the stomach area.  In addition, the usual diet consists of great amounts of carbs that the body cannot handle, which could lead to fat storage.  Consider a low carb diet as a way to promote belly fat loss.

Start A Weight Training Program

One very common misconception is that performing endless sit-ups or strengthening your abdominal muscles will lead to a flat stomach.  The truth is, strengthening this area will only cause your muscles to be stronger and it won’t necessarily lose any of the fat in this area.  While muscle looks better than fat, it seems that a general weight lifting program that targets the entire body is better for losing belly fat than sit-ups alone.  Consider a full-body resistance training workout as a way to boost your metabolism and promote more energy burn throughout the day.

Cut Out the Stress

Some stress is actually good for your health, but most adults are stressed out on a regular basis.  Stress may play a huge role in the amount of fat you store and make; cortisol is known to promote the breakdown of sugar into your blood while storing fat.  For this reason, a reduced stress lifestyle may help you to lose unwanted belly fat for a flat stomach.

Measuring How to Lose Belly Fat

One important way to track how much belly fat you have is to measure your belly fat.  There are highly advanced methods for measuring your abdominal fat, but the cheapest method is to use a measuring tape.  You should measure the widest part of your abdominal area and allow your stomach to freely relax, as tightening your stomach can cause your measurement to be reduced.  If your circumference is greater than 35 inches (women) or 40 inches (men), then you are considered at risk for health issues.  Perform this measurement as your progress through your weight loss program to see if you are losing belly fat as well.

How does Belly Fat Affect Health?

Too much belly fat can have health consequences.  For starters, abdominal fat can contribute to being overweight or obesity, which can cause a great deal of health problems.  In addition, too much fat around your belly could contribute to heart disease, type II diabetes, and certain cancers, thus making this a dangerous element in your life.  While many things can contribute to excessive belly fat and whole there are tips to help you reach this goal, consider aiding your fat loss goal with a diet that can help you reach this goal.

How to Lose Belly Fat Options

Low Carb Diets

As mentioned above, a low carb diet may help you to lose unwanted belly fat.  Generally, eating only the amount of carbs needed to sustain your energy needs and health goals should be considered, which is why a lower carb diet may work.

Paleo Diet

Considered to be a holistic approach to your eating patterns, the Paleo diet is based off how our cavemen ancestors used to eat during the Paleolithic era.  The foods they consumed were based off hunting and gathering and involved no processing.  This means that the Paleo diet does not allow any grains, legumes, beans, and foods that were not around during that time.  This diet can help to shred belly fat because it promotes low carbs, ample protein, and higher amounts of fat.

Intermittent Fasting

Another popular diet to try as a way to reduce belly fat is intermittent fasting.  There are a few different ways to perform intermittent fasting, but it seems that this technique is efficient for belly fat loss.  Consider starting on a simple fasting technique before progressing to more complicated and challenging fasts.  The more challenging fasts tend to have greatest reward so keep this in mind.

3 Day Military Diet

While this diet has nothing to do with the U.S. military, it does have great merit for reducing belly fat.  This day includes three days of reduced calories followed by four days of a moderate intake that is close to your standard eating patterns (the diet recommends a 1,500 calorie diet).  One reason this diet could work for reducing belly fat is because the three days that you are eating a reduced calorie load contributes to fat usage as a way to meet your energy needs.  Using more fat to support your energy means you should lose fat off your body (in theory).  The diet touts that you can lose up to 10 pounds in a single week, but you have to adhere 100 percent to what it recommends.

Getting Started on How to Lose Belly Fat

If you want to know how to lose belly fat the right way then you need to have the proper steps to get started..  With that said, getting started is typically the hardest element of the program.  In order to get started, it is important to keep the tips above in mind as well as make a sound choice with a diet.  Making small changes to your diet can be a fast, effective, and seamless way to boost your chances for success.  Consider find a diet that encourages lower carbs, reduced sugar, or even less fat as a way to boost your chances of belly fat loss.  In addition, you should consider jumping on an effective exercise program as a way to make your journey more effective.  Consider hiring a personal trainer as a way to get you started on something that works.

How to Lose Belly Fat: How Long to Wait for Results?

Any time you ask this question, it is important to understand how long it took you to get to this point.  Considering your belly fat accumulation did not occur over the course of a week, you should not expect to lose your belly fat in this amount of time.  For this reason, give yourself ample time to be successful and if it took you 10 years to gain that amount of belly fat, you should expect a good amount of time to lose the weight as well.

Wrapping Up How to Lose Belly Fat

You have been presented with the secrets on how to lose belly fat above.  Fat accumulates most in this area of the body and when years of diet and exercise programs fail to lose proper fat then small changes should occur.  Consider enhancing your exercise program to make your fat loss efforts more efficient and consider small changes to your everyday life as a way to be successful.  While fat accumulation usually takes a fair amount of time, you should expect your fat loss to be slow and steady rather than a quick fix as well.