How to lose weight without exercise

Sometimes a weight loss program can be won based off a dieting program that gets results.  If you want to know how to lose weight without exercise, the good news is that this is a preferred method for a number of adults.  Weight loss involves a great deal of factors, most of which are described ahead.  However, if you are not a fan of exercise or you simply cannot fit it into your life then the good news is you don’t have to workout to get results.  The content ahead is designed to be your guide on weight loss without exercise and how you can meet your goals without ever seeing the gym.

What Factors into Weight Loss?

Weight loss is a major accumulation of lifestyle factors.  What this means is that weight loss is part diet and part exercise, but mostly diet.  With that said, your diet will be the biggest factor for your weight loss.  Many adults get to the point of having to lose weight as a result of poor dieting habits, which means your diet will help you to get back to where you want.  Consider your overall weight loss success to be about 70 percent diet and 30 percent exercise.

Another factor in weight loss that you should be mindful of is your sleep patterns.  Getting enough sleep at night is something that adults generally do not get enough of.  About one in every three adults does not get enough sleep at night and when you compare this to the amount of obesity in the U.S., they are closely related.  When you compare the number of adults who don’t get adequate sleep to obesity figures, one in every three adults are also considered obese, suggesting that obesity and poor sleep amounts may be related.

The final factor discussed here is hydration.  Hydration status plays a role in your energy levels as well as in your hunger hormones, so keeping both of these intact is important for weight loss.  It seems that when the body is dehydrated, it can lead to changes in your hunger hormone levels.  Too often, poor hydration results in overeating and potentially weight gain.

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Now that you have the information about what is involved in weight loss, you should consider how to lose weight without exercise.  As described above, exercise plays a role in your weight management, but it isn’t the only factor.  With that said, let’s take a closer look at how to lose weight without exercise along with some diets that can help you to get started.

Caloric Deficit is the Key

One of the most important aspects in weight loss is a caloric deficit.  A caloric deficit is a decrease in calories consumed, to say the least.  It involves eating fewer calories that you burn off and it is the only way to get to your weight loss goals.  Many individuals tend to supplement a weight loss program with exercise as a way to achieve a deficit; however, this is not always necessary.

If you currently have a goal to lose one to two pounds per week, consider what it would take if you were to change your diet and create a caloric deficit.  Cutting about 500 calories from your diet each day will lead to about 3,500 fewer calories consumed throughout your week, which is the equivalent of about one pound of fat.  In order to create a 500 calorie deficit, your diet would need to shift from a 2000 calorie diet down to 1500 calories each day, or even an 1800 calorie diet down to 1300 calories each day.  The point here is that with a little hard work and dedication, it is possible to lose weight without exercise.

Diets to Cut Back Calories Consumed

There are a number of diets out there that can help to cut back on what you eat.  One diet that takes out many of your calories is the military diet, which has no affiliation with the Armed Forces.  The military diet is a three day diet and a four day regular diet that aims to reduce what you eat for success.  The three days on require you to eat a reduced caloric load of about 1100 to 1300 calories (sometimes less).  In addition, the four days of usual dieting involves eating about 1500 calories every day.  With this method, if you currently eat 2000 calories each day, you are going to create a large caloric deficit to aid in your weight loss.

Another diet that can help with creating a caloric deficit for weight loss is the 1500 calorie diet.  A 1500 calorie diet is called for what it is; it is a diet in which you eat how you desire, while cutting back on your overall intake.  This kind of diet is aimed at creating a pound of weight per week if you regularly eat a 2000 calorie diet so keep this in mind.

How to Lose Weight Fast Without Exercise

If one or two pounds per week are not sufficient for your goals, then consider revving up your efforts with additional dieting changes.  One way that adults lose weight fast without exercise is by cutting carbs completely from the diet.  Generally, a typical adult diet requires around 200-250 grams of arbs each day, but most adults exceed this figure with ease.  Anytime you eat more of a nutrient than what your body needs, your body will store it as fat.  For this reason, cutting out carbs can be a quick way to lose weight without exercise.

Another way to lose weight fast without exercise is to reduce the amount of fat that you eat as well.  Fat contains the highest amount of calories per gram than any other nutrient, so this is another common way for adults to cut back.

Common Calorie Counting Apps for Fast Weight Loss

Losing weight without hitting the gym can also be made possible by tracking everything that you eat.  Many calorie counting apps are designed to tally up everything you consume, but they also play a role in helping you to plan your day and to motivate.

Some of the most common calorie counting apps can help you to lose weight and to track everything you consume.  The most common calorie counting app is the MyFitnessPal app, which is a free to use app that follows along with your intake of macro nutrients, vitamins, minerals, as well as if you went over on a particular nutrient.

Another common calorie counting app that can help you to reach your weight loss goals without exercise is LoseIt!  The LoseIt! app is similar to MyFitnessPal in that it follows along with what you eat, but it gives generally more motivations for you to reach your goals.  Cutting back what you eat as a way to create a caloric deficit can help you to lose weight without exercise.

Conclusion: How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

Losing weight is generally easiest when diet and exercise are combined together.  However, while both are more effective when together, weight loss can easily be achieved without exercise.  Adults who are unable to hit the gym each day shift to a lifestyle which involves weight loss without exercise.

Creating a caloric deficit is important in your weight loss and there are a few ways to create this.  Getting proper hydration, adequate sleep, as well as a diet that promotes fewer calories are ways to lose weight without exercise.  Consider the information above as a way to boost your success of weight loss if you are unable to exercise or add physical activity.

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