Military Diet

The military diet is a very popular dieting pattern that claims that you can easily lose about 10 pounds in just one week, provided that you carefully follow the directions.  While it seems very reasonable to lose 10 pounds in a week when you are on a diet that specifically aims to do just that, is this something that is right for you?  Listed ahead are some details and important information about the military diet that you should consider before making your weight loss decision.

Is it Effective and Safe?

There is much that can be said about the use of a restricted calorie diet and while fast weight loss may induce fast gains in a short amount of time, there is reason to believe that these diets may not work in the long run.  Starting with some of the negative aspects of a fast weight loss, a good majority of individuals will gain the initial weight back, and sometimes even more.  However, fast weight loss as a result of low calorie diets may promote sustained weight loss.

In light of fast weight loss, there are some health concerns with fast weight loss that can sometimes appear as yo-yoing methods.  Yo-Yo diet trends are often considered to be unsafe in that they lead to more weight gain in the long-term, which can increase the risk of heart problems, cancers, blood pressure, as well diabetes.

In light of what reduced calorie diets can help with and how they can be unsafe, there is much to understand about what the military diet can do for your health.  While it is encouraged to not yo-yo when on a weight loss plan, diet programs that lose weight in a short amount of time can give results and if you are strategic on how you lose your weight, it can definitely last.  Let’s take a look at what the military diet is and how you can go on it.

What is the Military Diet Plan?

There are a number of diets that reduce the number of calories you consume, but many of them are geared towards losing a great amount of weight.  The military diet is similar in that it details a low calorie plan designed to lose a great amount of weight in a short amount of time.  With that said, many adults go on the military diet plan as a way to lose weight in a week’s time.

The Details of the Military Diet

The military diet, when first looking at the details, appears quite easy to follow.  Let’s take a closer look into the finer details of the 3 day military diet.

How does it Work Throughout the Week?

The 3 day military diet is one of the easiest diet plans to follow.  It consists of three days of the week where you restrict your calories along with four days of the week that are standard eating.  The only caveat is that your three day window should be consecutive days; meaning that your three day calorie restriction needs to occur day after day for it to be successful.

How Many Calories are Allowed on the 3 Day Military Diet?

The four days of your usual diet should include moderate amounts of calories that help you to maintain your weight.  However, the three day restriction is usually quite low.  After all, if the diet plan claims that you can lose up to 10 pounds over the week, it should have some restrictions.  With that said, the usual caloric requirements on the 3 day military diet range from 800 calories and up to 1,100 calories, and this range depends on your body’s needs.  Most adults will be on the 800 calorie diet plan whereas the small portion of taller and active adults should consume closer to 1,100 calories.  The idea is that for three straight days you restrict foods that generally cause you issues and you instead replace them with foods designed to give you energy, nutrients, and promote weight loss.

Is it Endorsed by the U.S. Military?

It does not appear that there is any association of this diet with that of the U.S. Military.  In fact, it seems that the military diet does not have any sort of government affiliation what so ever, which means that it could be more of a fad diet than anything else.

What are the Benefits of the Military Diet?

As with any weight loss program, there are expected health benefits.  Listed ahead are some of the expected benefits of the 3 day military diet.

Type II Diabetes

One of the biggest reasons that people jump on-board weight loss plans (aside from weight loss) is to improve the risk of type II diabetes.  While decreasing what you eat and how much can play a major role on your blood sugar control, it seems that the military diet may help to improve your overall blood sugar control, which means reduced risk of type II diabetes.  Consider the 3 day military diet as a way to improve your blood sugar control.

Cut Out Cravings

One of the biggest issues that adults have when trying to lose weight is cutting out the cravings for sweets, sugars, fatty foods, and salty snacks.  This is largely to blame for our addiction to sugar and sugary foods, but this diet could help with some of the cravings that you may be having.  Consider the 3 day military diet if you are struggling to cut out the cravings from your diet for overall success.

Better Immune System

Your body’s defense against bacteria and harmful germs is the immune system.  It functions largely based off the amount of sleep you get at night and through your diet.  It seems that when the body is under a typical diet, the body is forced to cut out the amount of cells in your body that fight infections.  With that said, the usual diet could be causing you to be sick more frequently and it could be damaging to your health.  Consider a 3 day military diet plan as a way to improve your body’s efficiency as well as to cut back on it destroying the number of cells that fight off harmful infections.

Weight Loss

The last benefit listed here is one of the most important benefits.  Going on a 3 day military diet usually means that you want to lose some weight.  With that said, the military diet is a week-long program designed to help you to lose up to 10 pounds by restricting your caloric intake for three consecutive days.  The total of 10 pounds is merely the maximum that is expected, but it can work wonders for short term success.

How to Make the 3 Day Military Diet Work

Diet plans that aim for high weight loss due to a restricted calorie intake can be tricky to establish in your life.  Given that the military diet is a week-long program to help you lose up to 10 pounds, it should be noted that this diet plan is not intended for long-term use.  With that said, consider being strategic with the military diet so that you can succeed.

For starters, it is important to already be on a diet plan that encourages maintaining your body weight, which means you need to have a good understanding of how much is considered too much.  Second, once you have your typical diet under control, consider adding the 3 day military diet to your life one week throughout the month, at a time.  This is a great way to introduce the military diet your life and it can encourage short term success.  Lastly, as you become more seasoned with the diet, you could go on a weekly plan of the military diet or bi-weekly as a way to lose weight and encourage the weight loss to continue.

What Foods Can you Eat on the 3 Day Diet?

The foods on the military diet appear to be quite simple.  For a general sense, the military diet is designed to boost your metabolism, which means that you should consume foods that do this.  Some foods that are considered to be on course for the military diet include caffeinated products (coffee and tea), grapefruit (be mindful that this fruit interacts with quite a few medications), peanut butter, tuna, eggs, and high protein foods.  In addition to these foods, fruits and vegetables that help to shred fat is important when on the military diet.  Consider any of the listed options for best results and remember the key to your diet and weight loss with the military diet is to boost your metabolism.  One very interesting thing on the military diet is that it actually encourages you to eat ice cream.

What Foods are Off Limits on the 3 Day Diet?

Generally speaking, there are not many foods that are restricted in the military diet.  For the most part, you should consume foods that are close to your usual diet, with small changes.  These changes include not eating fruits or vegetables that are not listed on the military diet site, whole grains, beans, legumes, protein sources not listed such as fish, added fats, oils, as well as any sugars or sweeteners.

Is the 3 Day Military Diet For you?

The 3 day military diet is a very detailed and inclusive dieting plan that claims to help you lose up to 10 pounds in a week.  The only thing is that you will need to follow the diet plan as closely as possible in order to have success.  With that said, the military diet is something you should consider if you are serious about jump-starting your weight loss goals and if you are serious about your health.

If jump-starting your weight loss goals is important to you then you should do your best to have a consistent diet that encourages reasonable calories that help you to maintain your weight (meaning you don’t overeat and ideally you should eat around or below 1,500 calories).  Once you have this established, a 3 day military diet is ideal one week out of the month to aid in your weight loss success.  This success may be little to start with, but it allows for you to get ahead in the plan.  If you are dedicated and true to losing weight, you could perform the military diet each week, or every other week, as a way to establish sound weight loss spread out over the entire month.

Regardless of how you aim to make the 3 day military diet work for you, the only thing you need for success on this plan is full commitment.  A full week is not a long time in the grand idea of weight loss, but if you are strategic with this plan, you could essentially lose a great deal of weight throughout the entire month.  Consider taking a look here for a sample 3 day meal plan to see if it is something you are interested in giving a shot.  There are substitutions allowed for some of the foods, but consider giving the website a look first.

Wrapping Up the 3 Day Military Diet

The 3 day military diet is considered to be a fast weight loss, restricted calorie diet that is aimed at boosting your metabolism so that you lose weight.  It is only intended to be a one-week meal plan, but if fast weight loss is something you are serious about then it could have great rewards.  The plan involves three days of restricted calories of about 800-1,100 calories, roughly, followed by four days of your usual diet (even though 1,500 calories is recommended).

By sticking to the military diet plan, you allow your body to adjust to eating foods that boost your metabolism to allow you to safely lose weight.  In order to be successful with high amounts of weight loss, consider strategically going on the military once or twice per month as a way to allow your body time to adjust and to limit your total restriction.