South Beach Diet

The South Beach diet is considered to be both a fad diet and reasonable option for weight loss.  While the name suggests that it came from the beaches in South Florida, the South Beach diet was created as a way to reduce belly fat while decreasing the total number of carbohydrates in your body.

This diet plan has been around for almost two full decades and people today are still reaping the benefits.  Consider the information ahead as your guide on the South Beach diet and what it may be able to do for you.

What is the South Beach Diet?

The South Beach diet was created in the 1990s by a, now famous, cardiologist from the Florida area.  This doctor observed that in patients who were on the Atkins diet, they lost abdominal fat, but were at higher risk for heart disease due to a diet that included high saturated fats.  For this reason, the South Beach was created and in a larger sense, this eating plan can be viewed as a healthier version of the Atkins diet, with fewer restrictions on what you can eat.

What are the Perks of Being on a South Beach Diet?

There are a few perks to being on a South Beach diet plan and listed below are some benefits you can expect by going on this lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Of course adults go on this diet as a way to lose weight.  Perhaps the most enticing of health benefits is that the South Beach diet encourages a reduction of carbs in your diet, but not as drastic as the Atkins eating plan.  For this reason, moderately decreasing the amount of carbs you consume can certainly help you to lose weight, but it can also help you to keep it off since many find it reasonable to maintain.

Improved Blood Glucose Control

One aspect in your everyday diet that probably does not get much attention is your blood glucose.  Managing the amount of sugar in your blood throughout the day is important for fighting fatigue and intense sugar cravings.  Fortunately, since the South Beach diet encourages a reduction in carbs consumed throughout the day and week, your blood glucose levels should have the ability to improve as a result.

Reduced Abdominal and Body Fat

Anytime you reduce a certain nutrient from your diet, you have better chances at losing weight.  In addition, reducing the total amount of carbs from your daily diet can help prevent vast overeating of this nutrient, which is quickly converted to fat.  For this reason, the reduced amount of carbs that the South Beach diet encourages is sufficient to reduce abdominal fat in a short amount of time.

What do you Need to Know When Going on the South Beach Diet?

There really are no big rules for the amount of macros that you consume when on the South Beach diet, when you reach the final phase of the diet.  Realistically, the South Beach diet encourages a reduction of carbs each day rather than an overall restriction after you reach your weight loss goals.  With that said, typically consuming fewer than 45 percent of your days’ worth of calories from carbs is encouraged in phase three.  While this is less than what is recommended by health authorities, reducing your carbohydrate intake slightly can lead to great results without having you feel restricted in the long term.

What are the Various Phases of the South Beach Diet?

There are a few varying phases on the South Beach diet that you need to know and understand.  Listed below is information about each of the phases that can help you to success.

Phase 1

This initial phase of the South Beach diet is intended to only last a couple of weeks.  It is the time in your new diet when you change your eating patterns and to eliminate sugars, refined starches, as well as carbs.  During this phase, you need to cut your consumption of carbs out (only for two weeks) as a way to reset your mind and to allow your body to adjust to a new and changing eating pattern.  You should avoid alcohol, carbs, pastas, breads, and instead focus on lean proteins, veggies, low-fat or no fat dairy, as well as foods that contain ample omega-3 fats.

Phase 2

Very similar to how the Atkins diet adjusts your carbohydrate intake, the South Beach diet adjusts what you eat as a way to create weight loss that lasts.  This phase has you adding in healthy grain options so that you can allow your body to readjust to consuming these foods.  This phase is supposed to last as long as it takes for you to reach your weight loss goals, so take this in consideration.

Phase 3

Once you reach your desired weight loss goal, you can then progress to the next phase, which is designed to be a forever stage.  During this stage, you have no restrictions on what you eat, except that you should eat foods in moderation.  The key to this phase is learning what moderation is and avoiding going back to your old eating habits.

Is the South Beach Diet Safe for Weight Loss?

The South Beach diet is considered to be safe for weight loss and while the first phase incorporates limited carbs each day, phases two and three are both designed at getting you the results you want.  Since this eating pattern is designed towards adding ample lean proteins to your diet, it is considered a healthier option than the Atkins diet.

If weight loss is something you want, consider the South Beach diet as an option to consider.  As long as you can get past the arduous phase one, your weight loss goals should be well within reach, regardless of how much weight you need to lose.  Consider the content above as a guide to the overall South Beach eating pattern, but if you have any health concerns that you need to address before going on the diet you should consult with your physician first.

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