Searching for the best foods for weight loss is something that can help improve your dieting program.  Weight loss is mostly a balance between diet and exercise, with diet leading the charge.  For this, it is important to eat the proper foods and to avoid any marketing ploys you may come across.  Consider the information ahead to guide you on your shopping journey whenever you are on a weight loss plan.

What does it Take to Lose Weight?

If you are to swap what you eat for something healthier, you should have a good idea on what it takes to lose weight.  Weight loss is a continuing battle of cutting calories, exercising, and creating that all-too common caloric deficit.  Without a caloric deficit, your weight loss efforts will not be successful.

Since creating a deficit is important for your weight loss success, many people often look to weight loss diets.  Some of the most common include low carb diets such as the Atkins, Paleo, and Keto diets.  In addition, some diets encourage making healthy options while paying close attention to foods that cut out inflammation in the body.  Look to the Mediterranean diet and others for this benefit.  Regardless of how you go about losing weight, you should be mindful that making healthy choices will be important.

What is the Difference between Healthy and Low Calorie?

If you are to be successful losing weight, you should know that many foods may be considered healthy options, but not all healthy options are best for weight loss programs.  The best example of this would be with nuts and seeds.  Most all nuts and seeds are healthy for your heart health and for cutting inflammation in your body.  However, a single serving of nuts or seeds will set you back 200 calories, and you will more than likely feel like you didn’t eat a thing.  For this reason, you need to know that not all foods that are healthy are ideal for weight loss, so having a close eye on what you eat is important.

What to Eat to Lose Weight?

Too often, adults want to know what to eat in order to lose weight.  Truthfully, there is no magic food that will cause you to lose weight, but there are foods that can help you to hit your goals.  Your best options when it comes to weight loss will include nutrient dense foods that are low in calories.  This means eating foods that are relatively low in energy, but very high in the vitamins and minerals provided.  Some of the best options for weight loss include vegetables, but more will be on this.  Listed ahead are some of the best foods for weight loss that you should try to incorporate to your diet.

Best Foods for Weight Loss


When it comes to eating foods that are high in nutrients and low in calories you should aim for strawberries.  This fruit is one of the best in flavor and they typically are low in calories, not to mention they contain antioxidants that protect your health.  Consider eating more strawberries for best results in your weight loss program.


Widely considered to be a midday snack favorite, carrots are tasty vegetables that are low in calories, high in fiber, as well as vitamin A.  This is one of the best foods for weight loss because a single serving is usually less than 50 calories and the serving you eat should do a good job of filling you.  Consider a serving each day for best results in your weight loss plan.


Perhaps the best food for weight loss listed is celery.  It grows from a root, but this vegetable is considered the go-to if you want to lose weight.  For starters, celery is very low in calories and usually a celery stock or two only contains about 10 calories.  In addition, celery can act as a laxative, so if being regular is something you desire during your weight loss program then this may be the food for you.  Most adults enjoy eating celery with peanut butter; however, consider enjoying the raw version whenever possible.


Whole eggs have been given a bad rep for the amount of cholesterol they contain.  However, this staple breakfast food may be one of the best foods for weight loss.  It seems that eating whole eggs can help you to feel full after eating, much better than what a bagel could offer.  Most eggs only contain about 70 calories per serving, but they will help keep you full for a long time.


Forget about eating potato chips at lunch; artichokes are a healthy alternative to the standard sandwich and chips.  A whole artichoke contains about 10 grams of fiber, which can help to fill you and keep you full.  Consider artichokes for your midday snack, as part of a side to your main meal, or as a dessert option.


By far one of the best foods for weight loss is kale.  It is one of the healthiest options that you can enjoy and while most salad options are already healthy, kale takes it to the next level.  A single one cup serving of kale only contains about 40 calories, but also more than 1000 percent of your daily needs of vitamin K and close to 100 percent of your daily requirements for vitamin A.  Kale can fit nicely in many smoothies, salads, and as a boost to any wrap.


There are a handful of diets that encourage the consumption of carbs, which is where quinoa comes into play.  Quinoa is highly regarded as being a super food, meaning that it contains ample vitamins, minerals, and fiber that can help boost your health and wellness.  Consider whole wheat quinoa instead of eating pasta or other options for best results.


Another one of the best foods for weight loss that you can enjoy is spinach.  Another green leafy vegetable on this list, spinach is ideal for adding nutrients for essentially no calories.  This leafy veggie is loaded with vitamins A, C, E, and K, as well as fiber to fill you up.  Consider eating more spinach as a way to boost your weight loss success.

Labels to Be Aware of

Now that you have a good idea as to what foods you should add to your diet, you should also have a good idea as to certain food labels that you should be aware of.  Many foods that you purchase that contain packaging may have certain phrases or gimmicks that entice you to make a purchase.  For this reason, you should avoid packaging that encourages health perks without first reading the nutrition label.

In addition, fruit juices tend to have tricky labeling and many may state that it is 100 percent juice.  This would make anyone assume that if this product contains 100 percent juice, there would be no other ingredients.  There are juices that contain only one ingredient and it is important to read the ingredients list to see which is best.

Wrapping it Up

Finding the best foods for weight loss can be a struggle if you have no idea where to start.  After all, it is helpful to have an idea as to what foods that causes you to feel full without you consuming too many calories.  For this reason, the helpful list above can be used as a guide to get you started on a weight loss plan.

In addition to picking out the best foods for weight loss, consider being mindful of certain package labels whenever you make a purchase.  Many labels are geared towards making sales rather than giving you (the buyer) the most information possible for your weight loss program.  Use the information above to boost your success so that you can lose weight and be healthier.

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