Weight loss calculatorWeight loss is something that many adults aim for each year, which is why a weight loss calculator may help with reaching your goals.  Every year, millions of adults set out to lose weight, shred fat, get healthier, and feel better as part of a new year resolution.

However, many of these adults find that early success tends to slow down after a month or so.  For this reason, adjusting your weight loss calculator can help to finally hit your personal goals.  The information ahead is everything you should know about weight loss, how to predict your weight loss, and simple tips to get you to success.

Why Lose Weight?

It is important to have an idea as to why you want to lose weight before actually starting on a program.  For starters, many adults start on weight loss programs as a way to meet the social demands that models and other role models set forth.  In addition, losing weight and reaching your goals can boost your overall confidence in life, which can bring endless rewards.

Aside from your looks, weight loss is something that many adults aim for as a way to boost overall energy levels throughout the day.  Too often, adults wake up for the day with a cup of coffee, eat in any way possible for energy, and have another cup of coffee, followed by a dinner that is calorically dense.  This way of life is something that drains energy each day and it tends to cause adults to miss the gym and to be less active, thus leading to a cycle of events that lead to weight gain.

One important element in any weight loss program is to improve health and wellness.  Obesity is largely associated with negative health patterns and it can lead to conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, as well as high blood pressure.  Finding ways to jump on a weight loss program is important for overall health and wellness, and losing weight can aid in this aspect.

What are Some Popular Weight Loss Programs?

One important element in any weight loss program is, well losing weight.  If you use a weight loss calculator, you will certainly notice your results each time you do a weigh in, but one of the ways that you will lose your weight is with a weight loss program.  Listed ahead are five weight loss programs that you should consider.

The Atkins Diet

One of the first methods in weight loss is to cut out the areas in your diet that is causing you issues.  For this reason, the Atkins diet was created and it involves reducing your carbohydrate intake to lose weight.  This diet can create a dramatic weight loss early one and it is designed to help you keep it off throughout your life.  It involves four stages that you progress, with the final stage being a forever.  This final stage involves consuming about 100 grams of carbs (which is drastically higher than from stage one) as a way to maintain your weight loss in the long run.

Jenny Craig

Another weight loss program that can help you to achieve your goals with a weight loss calculator is Jenny Craig.  Your weight loss goals can be met by following along with a point system, which gives you more points for poor food choices and fewer points for healthier foods.  This system has prepackaged foods to help get you started and it can promote long term success.  One of the best elements of the Jenny Craig weight loss plan is that it allows for you to eat anything you desire, provided you follow along with the points system plan.  If you use a weight loss calculator and you are considering the Jenny Craig plan, your estimation should be easy to follow considering this weight loss plan promotes slow and steady progress.

Beachbody Weight Loss Plan

Another weight loss program that promotes for steady progress is the Beachbody diet.  Generally geared towards meal replacement shakes, the Beachbody plan allows for you to eat a reduced caloric load along with a meal replacement shake to promote weight loss.  This plan costs money to use, but it has a good following.  Consider the Beachbody weight loss program as a way to calculate your estimated progress with shakes throughout the day.


Another weight loss program that is designed at cutting out the amount of sugar in your diet, in addition to reducing the total calories.  Primarily designed with prepackaged foods, the Nutrisystem has helped many adults to reach their goals. This weight loss plan allows for you to estimate your overall weight loss since it promotes as steady decrease in what you eat.


Exercise is an important element in your weight loss calculator estimate.  As part of the weight loss equation, burning off calories throughout the day is vital for your success.  For this reason, many adults shift their exercise habits to CrossFit and other HIIT programs.  CrossFit programs are designed at increasing your performance and fitness levels with the use of functional exercise that contains intervals.  This style of exercise is highly effective and it continues to grow in popularity, so consider this a great way to add to your calories burned portion in your weight loss calculator.

How Many Calories to Lose Weight?

Now that you have the information on some of the programs that can help you to lose weight, you should have an understanding of how weight loss calculator estimates are created.  For a general sense, weight loss is the equation and balance of calories in and calories out.  If you eat too many calories (calories in) than what you burn off (calories off) then you will gain weight.

Let’s take a closer look at how your weight loss calculator will work for you.  One pound of fat means a caloric deficit of about 3,500 calories.  This means that if you cut back on your calorie load by about 300 calories each day, you will be in a deficit of about 2,100 calories for the entire week.  This is not enough for a pound of fat per week, so exercise or physical activity will need to play a big role.  Adding an additional 200 calories each day to your lifestyle can bring your total daily caloric deficit to about 500 calories each day, which is about 3,500 calories for the entire week.

If two pounds per week is your ultimate goal, you will definitely need to increase your overall caloric deficit.  This means that you will need a caloric deficit of 7,000 calories for the entire week, which is more challenging than one pound a week.  If two pounds per week is your goal, you will need to continue to diet and make exercise a vital element in your daily life.  If a 300 calorie decrease from your diet is something that you can manage, this means that you will need to burn off an additional 700 calories from physical activity a day.

Weight Loss Calculators

Weight loss calculators are becoming quite common in the fitness industry.  Generally, weight loss calculators are built-in to smart phone calorie counting apps.  Whenever you set up your account in these apps, your program creates an estimated weight loss time frame depending on your goals.

When you set up your account in a calorie counting app, you are going to be asked basic questions that pertain to your estimated weight loss.  First, your weight loss goals are described and it can range from high weight loss, to low weight loss, to maintaining your weight.  Also, you will be asked about your level of physical activity.  This is where many adults overestimate and it can lead to actual errors in your calorie needs.  Be brutally honest and if you need to, underestimate your physical activity as a way to promote success.  Lastly, you will be asked to input your height, weight, gender, and age, all of which play a role in your metabolic rate.  Let’s take a closer look at some popular calorie counting apps that provide weight loss calculations.

Top Smart Phone Apps For Weight Loss


One of the most popular calorie counting apps that offers a weight loss calculator is the MyFitnessPal app.  It is easy to use and free to download, but if you desire some of the additional features you simply pay for the premium version.  This app is great in that it calculates an actual weight loss goal based off the information you input when you create your account, which is why it is vital that you give true information about your activity levels.  Consider this a good app to start with when you are searching for a weight loss calculator.


Another calorie counting app that can help to estimate your weight loss is the FatSecret app.  This smartphone app allows for you to scan what you eat throughout the day and to input what you burn during your workouts, which helps to predict your weight loss.  Consider this as another option if you want an easy to use weight loss calculator.


The final calorie counter app that provides a weight loss calculator is the LoseIt! app.  This app is free to download and use, but it has nice features to boost your success for weight loss if you want to purchase the premier membership.  Consider using this app if you are serious about weight loss.

Quick Tips for Weight Loss Success

Weight loss calculators are pretty good at giving information on what you can expect in your program.  As part of boosting your success, you should consider the following tips.

Get Adequate Sleep

One often overlooked aspect in health and wellness is sleep.  Many adults view sleep as something that is not needed for health, but the truth is sleep is your body’s way to rejuvenate and re-energize.  Adults should aim for seven to nine hours of sleep each night as a way to improve weight loss success.  Sleep is closely tied into your hunger hormones and if you get inadequate sleep at night, you are likely to overeat the next day.

Sip On Water for Proper Hydration

Another helpful tip for boosting your weight loss success is to sip on cold water throughout the day.  Proper hydration is imperative to your success and if you are dehydrated, you are likely to crave food.  Your hunger hormones tend to get out of whack whenever you are not properly hydrated.  For this reason, consider carrying around a small water bottle that you can sip on while at work throughout your day.

Avoid Long Sitting Periods

Sitting is a way for the body to rest and relax and when you are in a state of relaxation, you are likely to store fat.  Sitting is one of the worst things that you can do for your body and sitting long hours at home or work can virtually cause your weight loss program to fail.  Consider taking sitting breaks throughout the day as a way to fight fat buildup in your body.

Change your Diet

Another helpful tip for weight loss success is to modify your diet in small ways.  For starters, consider preparing your lunch ahead of time rather than eating out each day at work.  Eating at restaurants is a fast way to add calories, even if you eat a salad at these places.  Consider adding fresh fruit, cut veggies, and other healthier options that you enjoy to make your lunch time a healthy option for you.  Small changes like this can boost your weight loss success and it can help you to save money as well.

Avoid Sugar

Avoiding sugar may seem like an easy thing for you, but one thing you may not notice is that sugar is everywhere.  Read your food labels and you are likely to find sugar added to foods you never though imaginable.  In addition, if you order a beverage out somewhere, you should state that you want no sugar in your beverage.  This is a great way to succeed in your weight loss and it will help to prevent crashes as well.

Avoid Alcohol

This last tip for your weight loss success involves cutting something from your life that you may enjoy.  Alcohol is a social beverage and it is a recommended way to reduce anxiety.  However, alcohol promotes fat building in your body, similar to what sitting does to your body.  For this reason, cut out all alcohol from your body as a way to boost your weight loss success and consider healthy alternatives during this time as well.

Wrapping it Up

Using a weight loss calculator to estimate your weight loss efforts can help to give you a timeframe for when you should meet your goals.  Provided you stick to the estimates that the calculator sets out, your weight loss can be achieved with accuracy as long as you continue to be precise in your program.  Consider using any of the listed calorie counting apps above as a way to gain access to weight loss calculators.  In addition, the listed weight loss programs are listed as a way to give you direction in your goals.

Your weight loss success is something that will take time and a great deal of your effort.  Being accurate in your physical activity estimates as well as what you eat each day can help you to achieve your results without any failures.  If you are making small gains, you should give any of the listed quick tips a try as a way to hit your goals.

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