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Any healthy lifestyle needs adequate workout plans.  A workout plan is something that every adult needs as a way to build muscle mass, burn calories, and to maintain proper health.  However, more importantly, a workout plan can help you to lean your body out and to lose unwanted pounds from your body.  With that said, how can a workout plan affect your desire for a healthy lifestyle?  Listed ahead is everything you should know about a workout plan, ways that you incorporate exercise to your lifestyle, and simple tips to get your activity when you have a busy schedule.

What is a Workout Plan?

A workout plan is a detailed exercise program that is designed to meet your health and fitness needs in some way or another.  There are a wide range of workout plans that people can be on so generally speaking there is a great deal of variability when it comes to working the body.  Some people go on a workout plan as a way to be healthier, some to gain muscle mass, tone up, or as a way to improve certain conditions that cause pain (arthritis).

Since every workout plan can have some variability, the good news is that your plan will be detailed specifically to your own needs and goals.  What this means is that if you are looking just to tone and gain some benefit in muscular fitness then you are likely to design a workout plan that requires far less volume that a bodybuilder.  In contrast, a bodybuilder is likely to spend much more time on a dedicated workout plan than someone who simply wants to work a few muscle groups in the body.

What are the Recommended Workout Requirements?

There are a number of health goals set out by health authorities as a way to promote health and prevent illness or obesity.  General guidelines for health and fitness state that adults should get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity each week, or about 30 minutes each day.  This means that if you are looking for a general guideline of “how much” you should regularly do then this is it.  If you are aiming for weight loss or to gain additional health benefits, you should aim for about 300 minutes each week of moderate intensity activity, or about 60 minutes each day.

Is There a Perfect Workout Plan?

The short answer to this question is no, there is no perfect workout.  The longer debate to this steers more towards the fact that doing a workout in general is better than not doing a workout.  Too often, there is a great emphasis on finding workout plans that are most effective at building muscle mass, shredding fat, or improving performance, but many of these workout plans are geared towards adults who are dedicated towards hitting the next level.

For the typical adult, finding a workout plan that helps to regularly work muscles and gets you active is more important than finding the perfect workout.  This means finding something that encourages five days per week of regular exercise so that you can meet your weekly workout goals is something you should take more seriously, especially if you have not been active over the past six months or so.

The Best Workout Programs for Weight Loss

As stated above, there is no perfect workout plan and generally adults should look for workout plans that encourage regularity.  However, if you have been regular in your exercise program or if you are encouraged to get started on a workout plan that is effective for weight loss, consider the information ahead throughout your search.

The best workout plan for weight loss should involve a wide range of exercises that increase your heart rate, keep it elevated throughout, and one in which you must exert.  For this reason, a combination of resistance and cardio training is ideal for weight loss, with an emphasis on hitting the 30-60 minutes each day for best results.  Many workout plans you find will have the combined resistance and cardio formats and some fitness center classes incorporate this model to the overall formatting.

The Best Workout Plans for Women

There are a handful of workouts that women can do for weight loss, but it seems a program that is geared towards working the abs, core, as well as thighs is high priority. For this reason, the first workout for women listed here is designed to boost calorie burn along with toning the areas on the body that women want to fix.  Consider this workout here as a way to tone, burn calories, and to lose weight.

This next workout plan for women is designed to add muscle to the body.  Many adult women tend to shy away from lifting weights and performing resistance exercises, which can be damaging to the overall metabolic rate.  As a result, women tend to lack the muscle mass needed to sustain effective results.  This plan listed here is designed to be a 12-week program for women for weight training.  In case you are wondering, a 12-week program is not enough to cause you to bulk, so do not fear bulking out.

This last workout plan for women is another 12-week plan that is designed for weight loss and fat shredding.  Considering that weight loss workout plans require a combined resistance and cardio programming, this program takes aim at that specific goal and it details everything you ought to do for weight loss.  Give this workout a chance over the three months and if the exercises seem a bit much, consider looking them up or modifying as needed.

The Best Workout Plans for Men

It shouldn’t be any secret that most men’s workouts differ from that of women.  After all, many men tend to want bigger muscle mass while defining the muscles on the body.  For this reason, men need more volume when it comes to lifting weights and they especially need a workout plan that promotes fat loss, since a leaner body shows off muscle definition much better.

This first workout plan for men is designed for eight weeks and it takes aim at building muscle.  The plan overlooks various cardio exercises as well as splits your days up into strategic plans.  In addition to having a built-in cardio and resistance schedule, this workout plan for men also incorporates rest days, which is important for regeneration of muscle mass.

Another workout plan for men is to take aim at shaping your body around how models look.  Designed to get you ready for the “camera,” this six week workout plan helps men to build lean muscle mass in a short amount of time.  It mostly focuses on dedicated exercises that help to build muscle mass, or hypertrophy.  Every week or so, the program encourages you to increase your weight, reps, or sets as a way to promote muscular growth.  It hits virtually every major muscle group in the body and once you complete the first six weeks, you are directed to go off it for a month or so, before getting back on.  Use this program as a way to boost muscular health and to hit that next level in a short time frame.

The final workout plan for men listed here is one that needs to be included for everyone.  As a male in the gym, it is hard to get started on a workout plan when you have zero prior experience.  While the gym is a place for everyone to work on something, it is a place that can be intimidating, especially if the person next to you is bench pressing 300 pounds.  With that said, every male needs to go through a beginner’s workout and this plan listed here is one that can get you started.  It incorporates a split programming, meaning it will not overwhelm you right off the bat.  Consider this workout plan as directed and if a certain exercise is a bit out of your limits then consider an alternate exercise as a way to get your activity in.

Where does HIIT Fall in any Workout Plan?

One common workout plan that adults tend to jump immediately into is high intensity interval training, or HIIT.  This type of training vastly became popular about a decade ago and it has demonstrated to be one of the most effective for shredding fat and for weight loss.

One of the first HIIT workout plans is CrossFit, which is a widely popular way to build muscle mass, decrease fat levels, and to reach results.  Gyms all across the country have popped up offering CrossFit workouts, but one of the primary reasons that adults go to these workouts is to lose weight.  The class format for CrossFit is steadily different each day so there is little room for getting bored with your workouts.  In addition, adults find that sticking to a month or so of a CrossFit routine can lead to significant weight loss, which is why it has gained popularity.

In comparison to HIIT workouts at gyms, a growing trend in many households is video exercise, or streaming videos.  This type of exercise format is something you do while in the comfort of your home (or anywhere you have internet) and you perform a designed workout or plan.  One of the most popular exercise workout plans found on streaming services is Beachbody.  This type of workout plan offers a plethora of workouts, plans, and programs that help you to workout, shred fat, and to ultimately lose weight.  While it is an alternative to the gym, many busy parents and adults find this is a highly effective way to workout without having to go to the gym.

Helpful Tips to Fit Exercise in a Busy Schedule

One of the most common complaints with workout plans is that some take too long to perform each day.  Considering the current exercise guidelines aim for 30-60 minutes of planned activity each day, some work schedules and family obligations do not allow this much spare time.  With that said, there are some helpful tips that you can employ as a way to get your activity in each day.

Make a Workout Schedule

If work consumes much of your day and it is hard to hit the gym before or after, one of the best ways to make it to the gym is to schedule it.  When you get off work, consider adding the gym as the final part to your work day.  This allows your mindset to be more positive and it lets your mind see it as time needed to hit your goals rather than time spent away from home.

Find a Buddy

If your workout plan requires time and effort that you simply have problems solving, consider the buddy system.  It can work in a number of ways; you and a buddy could share babysitting duties throughout the week if you both have kids, or you can use the buddy system to make your workout plans more efficient.  Reducing the time spent at the gym is everyone’s goal, but a buddy can help to make it quicker when done correctly.

Use Work as Activity

If the gym is not happening on a particular day, consider using your work as a way to get your activity in.  This means purposefully taking the stairs up five flights even though it might take longer than the elevator and it will be hard to do.  If there are no stairs at work, park farther away from your building to get more steps in, take short walk breaks throughout the day, or purposefully use the bathroom that is farthest away from your desk.  It may seem silly, but these small things add up.

Utilize Traffic

If your gym is near your home or office and you commonly sit in traffic for hours each day, you can instead use this time on your workout plan rather than sitting.  Here is the situation: you leave work at 4:30 for what is usually a 30 minute drive home.  Let’s say traffic causes a 30 minute delay, meaning you lose that time just sitting around.  Rather than spending it on the freeway, consider going to the gym when traffic is at its worst and head home once it settles.  It will save some time and it is even better for the environment.

Is There a Specific Exercise Plan For Me?

When it comes to finding some of the best workout plans, it is important to seek out what it is you want to achieve before jumping on board.  Many adults tend to do what friends or family does for a workout and this is not always the best option.  If you are a beginner, consider starting as a beginner.  If you are legitimately experienced then consider a workout that challenges your expertise.  The point is to find a workout plan that fits your needs so that you can be regular.

Consider the workout plans listed above as a way to get you started on your weight loss and fitness plan.  The recommended amount of daily exercise is at least 30 minutes each day so consider reaching this goal as often as possible.

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